Experiences to buy residential land in district 9

Investment in real estate (District 9) is the choice of many people today. However, there are many people who are not familiar with the procedures and legal as well as experience to choose land in District 9 so it was difficult. Understanding this, Realestatevietnam.com.vn today would like to share some useful information about the experience so that the purchase of residential land district 9 becomes smoother when investing.

With Realestatevietnam.com.vn see the most practical experience to help buyers own a piece of land nice and satisfied. It is very important to find a piece of land to settle down. So do not rush to invest immediately, but it will take time to research the market as a whole and to choose specific locations that can be used to make money in the future.

The following tips and tricks can help you avoid many of the later hassles as well as the costly mistakes you make when investing.

Need to know general information about residential land in district 9

The first thing you should do when deciding to buy a piece of residential land is to thoroughly understand what the land is like. Particularly as the neighborhood is good, transportation is not convenient. If the land intended to buy it near schools, hospitals, markets, … life there will be much more convenient.

In addition, we recommend that you pay close attention to the legal aspects of the land that you are interested in buying or planning. Also, check the cadastral file of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment or commune or district level to see if there are any projects in the area.

To do this is too simple, just search for “keyword 9” is a series of information displayed for you to search, compare, analyze the situation and invest accordingly.

The residential land for sale in district 9 must have a red book

This issue is very important because it determines the legality of the land that you will own. It is better to buy land that has a legal red book (land use right certificate) from the land you want to buy in order to avoid a dispute if it is, and it is easier to make a compensation when it is recovered.

Please note this: There are many cases such as the land we want to buy is only 40m2, but when required to see the red book, the book is larger than 40m2 (maybe 80m2 or bigger than this number.) Now you have to be careful, because according to the above analysis, the land they sell is part of this large book and this section has not split the red book. Maybe the seller will take the reason is waiting for the split and in the short term to sell the handwritten form until the book will transfer to you.

Remember never to accept the reason for later separation because we can not be sure when the new book will be. When you decide to rush to buy residential land in District 9 like this you will be at risk of “money disability brought” because the law does not recognize the sale in this form.

The residential land for sale in district 9 must have a red book

The residential land for sale in district 9 must have a red book

Select position, area of ​​land

The best soil is the width (usually called the front) and the length (or depth) has a proportional relationship (preferably the broadest edge is 2/3 of the long side will make it easy to arrange the throne. nice house).

If you are a business person, then it would be very important to consider the land position. The land must be located in a beautiful, flat location, in front of the face should not have large trees, poles, or roads plugged directly into the land by this feng shui is not good, not favorable.

Select land, temporary house is not on the drainage system

There are many old houses, especially in the old collective old. Because of the many reasons for changing, or changing the shape of a piece of land, there are cases of land lying on the sewer system of the site. This problem is very serious, because it not only affect the feng shui problem but also great obstacle when you intend to build a house, digging nails.

Consider living environment around

Although it is a residential area, the land you are planning to buy, if it was previously a landfill, prison or cemetery, should be avoided. If it is land, farm land or new land is very good. As for the land in the area of ​​high intellectuals, roads wide open cars can reach, full water, … always attractive buyers investment.

Choice of valuable land

An ideal land is located south or southeast. Grandparents still have the sentence “take a gentle wife, the South House.” The south or southeast is the two most moderate and ideal climate for building a career.

When buying residential land in District 9 need to learn about geology

Investigate the geology of the land before you decide to buy. This is a very important issue that greatly influenced the construction of houses later. The land is located on the ponds and geological reservoirs are often very weak ground. So, when buying land need to find out thoroughly about this issue. The weak soil geology will lead to very expensive construction costs.

Select land with no entrance

Many places sell residential land in district 9 very cheap because of the way to dispute, this you need to consider. In fact, in big cities, there are many plots of land where the entrance to the dispute can not be solved. Also because of this cause many families sell the land. If you go to buy land without paying attention and do not know thoroughly before deciding to buy and then later discovered it is too late. Not many homebuyers have encountered this bad joke situation, so take a close look at this factor.

Must be signed by all persons involved in the land purchase contract

When buying residential land in District 9 or anywhere else, this factor should be cautious. For example, the contract must be signed by both husband and wife (seller), children, parents and siblings in the family (see family register booklet) to avoid disputes. Product after that. Especially, this contract must be certified by a notary public.

Must be signed by all persons involved in the land purchase contract

Must be signed by all persons involved in the land purchase contract

For cases where the land is an inheritance property, prior to making a deposit contract, the inherited members must jointly sign the written agreement agreeing to sell the land to the purchaser. So you are sure and not afraid to struggle later.

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