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Exploring The Raemian City Apartment Area

Raemian City Apartment Project

The “race” utility of the real estate business has never been as exciting as the market is filled with projects being promoted with a lot of utilities excel.

But what is the real amenity that makes the level of a project in the segment of luxury apartments? Explore the modern interior of the Raemian City apartment project, helping clients to locate the future value and potential of the project.

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The standard for a quality living environment is how many amenities? But the most important is how are amenities?. In the An Phu – An Khanh urban area, HDTC in conjunction with the Delta contractor is about to launch a project named Raemian City, bringing the new opportunity. With a comprehensive and synchronous system of internal facilities, the owner wishes to bring a comfortable life and upper class, variety of amenities with large green area

Owning certain advantages of the East Saigon area to the land fund and green space, HDTC investors have focused on building a full range of local amenities in the Raemian City.

With a construction density of only 30%, residents can enjoy the green living space at the project site after stressful working days. Situated in the heart of the city, Raemian City retains a tranquil and fresh atmosphere thanks to its large green areas and water.

The distinctive feature of the Raemian City apartment project is a subtle combination of modern and traditional elements, between natural and man-made, between the available and the creative, creating the luxury living space in the heart of urban.

Raemian City apartments are invested in detail by every owner towards building a civilized community. The 5 star luxury facilities included in the project include such items as:

Swimming pool overflows 1000 sqm.

Skyview Coffee Area.

Homespa beauty care chain.

Modern Gym Room.

Five-storey commercial center with the world’s leading brands.

Recreation area at the project center.

Green Park.

Surrounding lakes ecology.

Modern school system according to international standards.

Raemian City Apartment Project
Perspective of Raemian City project seen from above

It can be said that the investor has created a special attraction of this project, which is the system of the large outdoor swimming pool. With thousands of square meters of swimming pools built and applied with modern technology, superior quality, Raemian City residents can completely reassure themselves to experience the quality of life right next door to their home instead of having to come. Hotels or public swimming pools are often crowded during high season to use the service.

In addition, due to the potential advantage of location, located between An Phu – An Khanh urban area, from Raemian City, residents easily connect to the facilities outside the area such as International School, International hospital, … The existing residential area and complete infrastructure system create a living space that few places have.

Raemian City Apartment Project
Raemian City possesses easy area links

Currently, the developer has not announced the official selling price of the project, but Rever expects the price of Raemian City apartments can range from VND  35-40 million sqm. The project is expected to open semi-officially in the third quarter of 2017. If you are interested in the Raemian City project, please contact Rever Expert on Hotline: 08.224.888.85 for more information.

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Exploring The Raemian City Apartment Area

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