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Factors to be considered before buying an apartment

Marina tower

According to Savills Vietnam’s forecast, from the third quarter of 2017 to 2018, there will be nearly 48,000 apartments supplied to Ho Chi minh City’s market. With large number of apartments, apartment buyers need the suitable requirements to choose the right apartment.

The prerequisite factor is safe living space. Safety comes not only from the clean environment, but also from the combination of constriction quality and maintenance cost reduction.

Talking about how to ensure that the construction will be of the same quality as committed, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vy Liem – Acting Deputy General Director of LDG Group, investor of Marina Tower project, shared: ” It is difficult to assess whether a construction is of good quality or not just by its appearance because it also depends on many other factors. Therefore, when buying apartments, you should firstly pay attention to reputable investors, consultants to supervise construction quality, construction contractors. That’s the reasons why we choose Apave to supervise the construction of the LDG Group’s apartments. Most importantly, apartments today are strictly regulated by law from design to construction to be able to meet the modern standards. Therefore, homebuyers can be completely assured when choosing an apartment to settle.”

Aesthetics is the factor affecting the buyers’ psychology. In addition to ensuring quality and living space, the beautifully designed apartments are sure to be sought by many people.

Architect Nguyen Vinh Bao in Ho Chi Minh City said: “Beautiful apartment is an inclusive concept. It is not only beautiful in architecture, beautiful apartment must be focused on the facilities, the surrounding landscape, ensuring its use and optimizing the area of ​​the apartment. At the same time, it is very important to ensure that the apartment is always airy to attract buyers.

According to Mr. Bao, the trend of apartments with wooden floor, maximizing the direction to the outside, increasing the park area or creating larger loggia or balcony to receive more sunlight are positive factors to bring good living space for its residents. In addition, many investors also create garden on the air as well as arrange the living room, the bedroom to overlook the outside in order to make the apartment become truly “beautiful”.

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Currently, the trend of airy – green – beautiful apartment is being the attention of investors. Typically, recently, LDG Group invested in Marina Tower apartments which are designed in accordance with modern Singapore standards with wood floor creating a warm but luxurious feeling.

Although the apartment’s size is only from 50-70m2 but includes 2-3 bedrooms, in which, there is a master bedroom. All rooms are out of the cool window. Specially, 80% of the apartments have river view.

With the intention to design a youthful, multi-functional apartment, LDG Group also arranged smart interior space in the sample apartments so that customers can refer to equip for their living space at Marina Tower.

For example, automatic curtains system, LED lights adjusting system for the whole apartment with 16 million colors, smart mobile walls and many other smart home systems, automatic bed saving space …

Price is the next factor that homebuyers need to care about. Prices of apartments are quite diverse. Depending on the investment form and equipment that the price is high or low. However, at a price of over 1 billion per apartment, home buyers will easily own the apartments at Marina Tower. At this price, those with income of 10 million/month can completely make loan to buy a house with the support of VietinBank.

The apartments under 1 billion will typically take the buyer from 300 to 500 million to complete the interior layout.

Acting Deputy General Director of LDG Group said: “The furnishing expenses of the apartment are very high because investors usually hands over basic finishing. The cost of flooring, decorative lights, tables, chairs, bedroom decorations … are very expensive. Knowing this, when investing in apartments, LDG Group has equipped with wooden floors for customers, built-in kitchen cabinets, stone kitchen floor surfaces for hygiene convenience, complete lighting and full toilet facilities. Customers only need to equip table, chair, bed and cabinet when moving in. “

In addition, fire safety is always the top priority and strict regulated by law. Fire prevention systems are always checked and monitored on quality, operation with detailed regulations on fire prevention.

When choosing to buy an apartment, must pay attention to the number of people through moving in the elevators and escape stairs. Besides, pay attention to the safety escape corridor as well as fire alarm system, smoke alarm invested for that apartment.

In the midst of a relatively competitive apartment market, investors often seriously invest in fire protection systems.

At Marina Tower project, the entire apartment door system is made of high tempered material for over 2 hours to increase the escape time when a fire occurs.

Escape stairs in each building must be spacious, easy to move. Incident lighting along the stairs will make it easier to escape when fire and explosion often lead to power outages. The ventilation system through the floor helps to keep the corridor open, minimizing the possibility of occurring fire.

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Factors to be considered before buying an apartment

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