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Factors creating the attraction of project to the market

Factors creating the attraction of project to the market

In the context of so many projects launched to market at present, it is easy to understand why owners and real estate developers give out tactics to attract customers. So what are the factors making a project attractive to the market?

Convenient life

An apartment with airy and reasonable design in the whole project dedicated   more space for trees, utility is always attractive to customers. This also explains that right from the launch, TNR Goldmark City has created attraction on Hanoi’s the real estate market.

Nguyen Thu Hoai, a resident of TNR GoldMark City, said, “My family moved to the apartment in Ruby sub-zone in May, 1977 and are really satisfied. In addition to the high quality service, TNR Goldmark City also integrates a wide range of facilities, from social security, education to spiritual life, helping residents relaxing after hours of stressful work and study.

TNR Goldmark City was officially delivered to residents in March 2017. The target customers of the project are mainly young successful families with high requirements for quality and comfort of the apartment.

Therefore, TNR Holdings Vietnam (TNR) – the exclusive development and management unit of the project has focused on the design to meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

Pham Hong Thuy, Sales and Product Development Manager of TNR Goldmark City project, said: “TNR Goldmark City apartments are not merely built of materials but also of the heart of the people who build, manage and operate it. Since it is in drawing , TNR Goldmark City has been paid lot of attention for smart designs benefiting the user. Therefore, after being handed over, Ruby area has received a lot of positive feedback from residents as well as the market.

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Starting a civilized community

In addition to the factors of design and work’s quality, the factor of human  also contribute to the decision of  home buyer. People have tendency to  choose a place with civilized lifestyle, high intellectuals to ensure both physical and mental life.

TNR Goldmark is the converging place for residents looking for a modern but still ensuring Oriental living style.

Although the Ruby apartment area is in the delivering process, the noise  from the construction of the apartment before moving to live is also handled. It is because the managing board of the building has specified appropriate construction time, plus sympathy from the residents.

In addition to developing a civilized and intellectual community, TNR Goldmark City also offers its residents  lifestyle by organizing free soft skills classes and activities.

Right from its completion, the managing board of the building has organized classes to teach drawing and living skills for children in the Ruby. Parents can feel assured as this  place will provide more useful knowledge and practical activities for children.

The fact that the outdoor tropical swimming pool has just opened and put into operation, and served free for Ruby residents has increased utilities for TNR Goldmark City residents.

In order to express gratitude and welcome residents moving to live in TNR Goldmark City, TNR Holdings Vietnam has offered a voucher of free 3-night vacation to Ana Mandara Hue Resort & Spa, the best coastal resort in Southeast Asia for the first households moving here to live.

TNR Goldmark City said that it is rushing to complete the last public utilities to bring the most comfortable living space to its residents.

According to TNR Holdings Vietnam, upon official closure of the sales phase of Ruby sub-zone, TNR Golmark City’s investor will hold the final sale event at 9:00 on August 13, 2017 at the office of TNR Goldmark City project – 136 Ho Tung Mau – North Tu Liem – Hanoi.

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