Factors to consider when buying a small apartment

There are many reasons why many people choose to buy a small apartment, but here are some of the most common reasons you should know.

In fact, the market now shows that the number of small-area apartment projects is increasing, and the number of people renting small apartments is very high, but what about the buyers? Maybe they are wondering whether to buy a small apartment, or borrow more money to buy a larger area apartment a bit?

In fact, the decision to buy a small or large apartment depends on many factors: the need to use, the purpose of purchase (investment or accommodation), finance … Depending on the family that will There are different decisions, there are people who like to choose the apartment area as small as mini apartment but someone like luxury apartments, luxury …. In general, the choice of large or small apartment depends on many factors of needs, financial as well as preferences of the person.

Depends on demand

Small-sized units (less than 50m2) are suitable for young couples; Those who have gone to work or those who are single … These objects tend to choose small apartments, because their use is not high.

For small apartments with 1 or 2 bedrooms, it is also suitable for small families or families from 1-2 generations. Although the apartment is small but still meet the needs of daily living. It is important that the host is neat and clean, the space inside will be more open.

Small apartment is dependent on the newly married couple

Small apartment is dependent on the newly married couple

Dependent on finance

This factor affects the decision to buy the smallest condominium unit, because the smaller the area, the smaller the cost to buy, the more affordable it is for many people with medium income. There are many types of apartments are relatively cheap. You can refer to the list of 50 projects with apartments under 1.5 billion in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, the payment regime is flexible, payment can be made according to the construction schedule or can be borrowed before the bank and then pay monthly installments. Generally, investors create more conditions for people to own their accommodation, which is suitable for their low income level.

Currently, the price of apartments in small area ranges from a few hundred million to 1.5 billion, this number is suitable for many people. Therefore, according to information of many real estate trading floors, the number of small apartments sold a lot and fast in recent times.

If you have the financial capacity to be modest, you should choose to buy small units located in the project has a good location

Because of the competition, project owners always try to integrate a lot of facilities around to help improve the lives of the residents. Therefore, those who are planning to buy a small apartment is not too worried because the utility is within reach of you, making life as comfortable as possible.

Apartment area is always attractive, high liquidity

The openings in many apartment projects (from high to high) in HCMC recently showed that customers increasingly prefer small size apartments, luxury design, located in the project population. High-end infrastructure with prices below 2 billion.

The biggest advantage of high-end apartments in small area is that they are affordable and have high liquidity. Because of this, many people tend to buy from 1 to 2 small units at the same time to invest, instead of buying a large flat at the same price as two small apartments.

Apartment area is always attractive, high liquidity

The apartments are small, full facilities are always highly liquid

In short, the choice of buying a small or large apartment depends on many factors. But before you buy, you need to consider carefully, choose suitable location, prestigious investors, reasonable price, many incentive programs, … to get a suitable and long-term accommodation.

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