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The famous cake in Da Nang


There are many reasons for the success of Da Nang tourism, but there is a reason that no one can be ignored is the food here and more specifically the cake of the city. Every visitor arriving at Danang is likely to have tried one or two of the cakes here, as the cakes here have their own specialties.

Da Nang - Food heaven for visitors
Da Nang – Food heaven for visitors

Dap cake

A cake that surely can not be enjoyed anywhere other than the Central and especially the most traditional flavor in Da Nang – Dap cake bring you a whole new experience of a cake from the taste even Even to its way of eating. Rice dumplings are not a good thing to eat or expensive but it is just a popular, popular and extremely popular street life associated with the people here. The material of this cake is simply a thin coated rice paper covered with a leaf of noodles, then peeled oil onions, compressed nicely into the cake.

Next is the sauce with cakes, sauce should be the wedge stuff dedicated to this cake. Sour sauce is a fish sauce with delicious fish sauce with garlic, chili, lemon sugar, onions, add a little chili sauce Hoi An is the standard.

Dap cake
Dap cake- A cake definitely can not enjoy anywhere other than the Central

As the name implies beating its beating because when you eat you have to smother so that the two rice paper and this leaf broke out and stick together. Pick up the piece of bread has just been divided, dots in the sauce is just crispy, fragrant flavor again.


Speaking of Pancako is not strange in many parts of the country, you can find in many restaurants in Hanoi or Saigon, especially near the university and college to let you eat lunch. But you have to Da Nang and then you should definitely try cake here to see what is “the main nature” of this dish. Do not mix or fade in geographical distance, Pancako are enjoyed in the central region of it will certainly give you a new feel for it.

Raw materials are made from fresh shrimps, meat quality assurance, especially to mention the molding of the cake to make the yellow cake that the diner just looked at the customers want to enjoy.

Come try Da Nang Pancako to see what the “genuine nature” of this dish.

Cakes with mild aroma of rice in Quang Nam to eat the outer shell is crispy in soft soft so attractive to mix with the fat of sweet fat of fresh shrimp, sliced ​​beef thin. Especially when you eat Pancako you can not lack all kinds of vegetables such as: banana, cucumber, lettuce, cucumber, … and dot with its own sauce, usually made from liver pig, peanuts, garlic, chili, some places with fish sauce.

Nam Cakes, Bot loc cakes, ich tran cakes

The weather is eaten two types: Nam Cakes, Bot loc cakes. They are delicious but the most emotional to sit in the home or office also want to take the car to eat it is sure to be cold pour the rain. I feel eager to open the banana leaf layer to smell the aroma of heart to give me the hard feelings describe.

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Bot loc cakes in fragrant with red shrimp, salted meat is only salty meat that is placed in the middle. This cake is dotted with the traditional sauce that has a moderate level of harmony with the spicy chili, which makes the taste unforgettable.

Pork pan-cake

Da Thanh is the hometown of Pork pan-cake . You may have tried this dish somewhere, but the best taste is sure to come to Da nang you can feel and recognize. Pork pieces are sliced ​​thin, soft added without losing its moderate fatness, meat fat after boiling in without food. Served with raw vegetables, aromatic herbs make the sweet taste of this dish, the sweet and sour taste of pineapple, the slight taste of green banana, the cool taste of vegetables.

All these flavors blend together and then the sauce is prepared by the chef separately to mark it. I do not know how to describe the taste, but it is spicy with garlic, sweet and sour, like pineapple, grilled, not too misleading but not too strong. Remember to feel so much you just want to immediately go to Da Nang to enjoy the food here.

Pork pan-cake
Da Thanh is the hometown of pork pan-cake

The above dishes are a corner of culinary specialties of the city that surely anyone who came here was crushed by them – not too fancy or luxury but the cake made a very beautiful beauty for Da Nang.

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