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The fate of people in Thu Thiem new urban area

Over the past ten years, hundreds of households have been subjected to land recovery, forced housing at the project Thu Thiem new urban area must live in extreme poverty, lack of sufficient conditions. The households stayed here, many years living on the sidelines of luxury projects.

To implement the project of urban Thu Thiem, the city government. Ho Chi Minh City is almost white relief Thu Thiem. So far, many “golden land” have been allocated to enterprises to invest.

There are two opposing paintings in Thu Thiem urban area, next to the majestic monumental projects are the sloppy, tattered house. The house is down, flooded to the knee regardless of sun or rain, electricity activity flicker, the threatened drug addicts, no stable job …

Mrs. Le Thi Hong Van
Mrs. Le Thi Hong Van

The house of Mrs Le Thi Hong Van (78 years old) is located on the front of Luong Dinh Cua street, Binh Khanh ward, district 2. Mr Van said that according to Prime Minister’s Decision No. 367 approving urban planning new Thu Thiem on June 4, 1996, her home is located outside the planning.

For nearly 30 years, Van family lived temporarily in this house because they do not know when to be released. Now the house is severely degraded, whenever strong winds shake, the rain is leaking, flooded.

Ms. Van said that if the house was withdrawn to work on the project must arrange for her family the other corresponding place. If not resolved, the family home renovation to stabilize life. In addition, because the project lasts too long, the locality does not allow the family to work as a permanent resident, making the children unable to make birth certificates or go to school.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung in the "shack" temporary people
Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung in the “shack” temporary people

The living quarters of Mr. Dang Quoc Dung’s family (62 years old) belong to Quarter 1, Binh Khanh Ward. Mr. Dung bought this land of 55sqm and built a house in 1993. When informed that the house was cleared for the project of Thu Thiem urban area, Mr. Dung was informed that he only supported VND44 million.

After 10 years of filing complaints at all levels, Mr. Dung has known that the compensation amount was up VND1 billion. However, Dung and his wife and children are determined to stick with the land of the family because they do not know where to go and what to live.

The house of Mr Nguyen Hoang Van’s wife joins Dung’s house, 42sqm wide but only informed about relocation and compensation of VND 650 million. Disagreement with this level of compensation, from 2011 to now, the family of Van received many coercive notices but all specialized here.

Nowadays, the life of Mr. Van’s family is very difficult when the house has been degraded, the water flooded the house regardless of sun or rain, electricity is flickering, even some addicts. threatening …

Living in Quarter 5, Binh Khanh ward since 1976, the 88m2 house is also the bedtime processing base of Nguyen Thi Tam’s family. Compensation VND1.6 billion to relocate elsewhere but Mrs. Tam disagreed that it is outside the planning.

Later, Tam’s house was coerced. Now there is only a cold land left. Every day, Mrs. Tam passed through here and burned incense on the altar that had been smashed several times.

The family circumstances of Ms. Lam Thi Nguyet
The family circumstances of Ms. Lam Thi Nguyet

The most telling is the case of Ms. Lam Thi Minh Nguyet, resident of C4 / 4 Luong Dinh Cua Street, Binh Khanh Ward. The house of 115sqm previously granted her family was also recovered. Mrs Nguyet Ba Ba’s husband is Nguyen Thanh Ba, who died of a catastrophic accident, unable to speak.

Although Ms. Yuet bought the land in other places to stabilize her family life, but since the accident he still refuses to go home. He set up the hut next to the recovered land to daily hammock look out as the soul.

Opposite to the prosperous buildings is a picture of a worn-out Thu Thiem, where dozens of people cling to the earth live after being relieved, until now.

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