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Favorable transportation position of Charmington Iris project in district 4

Charmington Iris Apartment

Favorable transportation is an important factor that all projects are aiming to avoid traffic jams that often happens in major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City.

The Charmington Iris project in District 4 is being developed and responsible for the legal procedures by Sabeco HP Co., Ltd in the first months of 2018. The scale of the project is larger than any apartment projects in District 5 such as Dragon City in terms of the area of ​​more than 16000 m2 with more than 14000 apartments and 14 shophouse and modern surrounding existence facilities.

  1. Charmington Iris apartment in District 4 is a convenient transportation intersection to central districts.

Charmington Iris Building is only a few minutes’ drive away from district 1, from here you can move to neighboring districts by motorbike or by any means. The trade distance is only 5km to District 7, only 2.8km to District 1, so it is very convenient for residents to go to work, school or other affairs necessary to go to the inner city. Through bridges connecting the two roads between the districts are designed at sites near the Charmington Iris project such as Ong Lanh Bridge, Calmette Bridge, Khanh Hoi Bridge, Kenh Te Bridge or Nguyen Van Cu Bridge radiating to Thu Thiem Tunnel or District 7.

Due to a system of rivers and canal of District 4, Charming Iris project apartment will enjoy the fresh air and convenient transportation system when waterways for domestic and foreign tourists to be formed in the future. Not only having convenient waterway and road transportation, the bus and metro system are also available 24/24 and spread throughout the city. Such convenient transportation advantage is enough to persuade the most demanding customers.

  1. The attractive price for Charming Iris apartment although it is located in the center of the city

With the current land fever situation, the price level of apartment also increase but Sacomreal investor and also businessman has committed not to raise price after the project is completed, so customers who have deposited on the opening date of the project can be reassured. Sacomreal is a reputable company and is considered to be honest and punctual when dealing, signing a contract of buying and selling apartments in the Charmington Iris project in District 4.

Each high-end apartment unit in the Charmington Iris project will be completed over 80% upon completion, so guests can move in after making full payment. Investor has chosen durable building materials to build the structural part and interior decoration brings elegance to every living space. White Italian flooring tiles will match with the colors or patterns of furniture that you will be preparing for your apartment. Surrounding neutral colors walls create an airy space together with modern glass material capturing natural light also save an amount of money spent on monthly electricity consumption.

Convenient transportation location of Charmington Iris project in District 4 is the remarkable advantage of the 35-floor building at the heart of the city, an ideal residence for young residents with the desire to settle down and create a true happiness life. Quickly own high-grade Charmington Iris apartment in District 4 with wide range of areas for customers to choose to meet the needs of your own family.

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Favorable transportation position of Charmington Iris project in district 4

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