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Featured apartments in district 7 – Eco Green Sai Gon apartment, Nguyen Van Linh

Kenton Node district 7

Eco Green Sai Gon Nguyen Van Linh, Kenton Node project, SaiGon Riverside is among the top apartments in District 7.

District 7 is a special area with many canals, including many big rivers such as Sai Gon River, Nha Be River, Phu Xuan River, etc. It is very convenient to exploit waterway of the city. Particularly, District 7 stands out with its bustling Phu My Hung urban area, a major financial center for trade and services, creating a driving force for the strong development of the East and South of Saigon.

Especially, this is a bustling area with many projects are planned and invested to develop apartment, luxury apartments for long-term residents. There are many hot apartments in District 7, not including Kenton Node project, SaiGon Riverside and especially Eco Green Saigon Nguyen Van Linh. For more information about this apartment, please join us and follow the article immediately.

Eco Green Sai Gon
The panorama of Eco Green Xuan Mai District 7 is extremely modern, luxurious and classy.

Eco Green Sai Gon Nguyen Van Linh- The hottest apartment project in early 2018.

One of the outstanding apartment projects in district 7 in early 2018 is the Eco Green Saigon Nguyen Van Linh apartment project.

Located on Nguyen Van Linh street, Tan Thuan Tay ward, District 7. HCM, Eco Green Sai Gon Nguyen Van Linh apartment project was operated and developed by Xuan Mai Corp. Planned on a total area of ​​14.36 hectares, with a construction density of 24%, this apartment project will be completed after the market will be available types of apartments include high-end apartment The project consists of 6 blocks of 35 storeys high and 2 basements for parking with 4,000 high-class apartments (area ranging from 47sqm, 55 sqm, 66 sqm, 86 sqm, 93 sqm, 119 sqm) and 200 apartments Officetel offers a variety of choices for customers.

Eco Green Sai Gon
Eco Green Saigon Nguyen Van Linh apartments are extremely modern and class

Especially, it is located right at the front of Nguyen Van Linh street- The multi-lane road has a large area and it is the main route of the Sai Gon South area which makes it easy to connect with other districts. District 1, District 4, District 8, Binh Chanh District … This is also a road without traffic jam, no dust pollution, not flooded area rare. Therefore, it can be said that the position is the biggest advantage that Eco Green Saigon Nguyen Van have.

Not only owns the prime location. Eco Green Sai Gon Nguyen Van Linh also owns the system of utilities outside the area extremely perfect. With the desire to bring the best quality for all customers, Xuan Mai Corp has set up and built many excellent utilities. Typical features include: modern gym, high class business center. Exhibitions, libraries, green parks, amusement parks, outdoor BBQ … All create excellent facilities only at Eco Green Saigon Nguyen Van Linh.

Kenton Node Apartment Project.

One of the most sought after apartment projects in 2017 is the Kenton Node Apartments.

Located on the front of Nguyen Huu Tho street, at the intersection of Nguyen Van Linh – the main artery of Saigon South, adjacent to two famous areas in District 7 is Phu My Hung and Him Lam Chi Channel focusing on many traffic projects having been and deploying, linking pretty good.

the Kenton Node project
Kenton Node Apartment Project

With a cockroach rate of only VND42 million / sqm is considered quite high compared to other projects in the area. However, with what Kenton Node brings all the customers are completely worth the price. Especially, being operated and developed by reputable investors, Tai Nguyen owns favorable location to move no matter the traffic jams or flooding. Not only that, with the integration of 50 advanced internal utility systems and owning a wide range of investment types (apartments, shophouses, hotels, condotel, …) offers a wide choice for every customer. .

The apartment enjoys prime location in District 7 – Saigon Riverside.

Saigon Riverside apartment project is located right at the front of Dao Tri with feng shui around the winding river to bring cool fresh air – fresh air for all residents. Especially, the whole project has inherited the socio-economic infrastructure and facilities of Saigon South and Phu My Hung area, District 7.

Real estate increased the capital to make SaigonRes River project
Saigon Riverside apartment is one of the hot apartments are popular with customers and investors

Not only owning the prime location, to bring the most perfect living for all residents of Saigon Riverside, this project investor also devotes much effort to creating a living standard for all residents.

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