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The fee for real estate certification is reduced to … 100 times

Ministry of Finance on June 11 announced the draft related to certification fees with the change reduced by 100 times compared with the old.

The draft of the basic change to the fee for certification, only VND 30,000 / contract, transaction, no fee for the contract value, so it will reduce to 100 times the old fee.

According to the current regulations, the contracts and transactions will be charged the fee for certification according to contract value. Accordingly, contracts related to real estate must pay a fee of 50,000 dong, ranging from 3 million dong to over VND10 billion. Some types of certificates, such as authentication of authorized contracts, authentication of guarantee contracts, cancellation of contracts, etc., have a fee of VND 20,000 to VND 100,000.

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According to the draft, certification of the amendment, supplement, cancellation of contracts, transactions is VND 20,000; Correct errors in contracts, transactions have been certified to pay fees VND10,000 / transaction.

However, this draft increased the fee for authentication of copies to VND 200,000 / copy with 98 copies (currently only VND 100,000). The one-page fee is still VND 2,000, from the third page is VND1,000 / page.

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