Feliz En Vista Apartment With Standard Utilities

In the race of high-end apartments are happening now in Ho Chi Minh City, depending on each area where the owners have their own tactics.

The high-end apartments in District 1, District 3 will be conveniently located to evaluate, while the planned areas compete for both design and utility by owning the spacious land.

There will be no mention of the Feliz En Vista apartment project, a top-notch investment by Capital Land, in the mid-to-late 2016 condo projects. With long experience, the owner of Capital Land will express his own vision when investing heavily in the diversity of utilities and landscapes.

The Feliz En Vista apartment project is the eighth investment owner of Capital Land, a high end condominium project with all the great facilities that the market has to offer. Feliz En Vista has been creating the fast development in the Vietnamese investors, promised to be no less hot compared to a series of previous projects Capital Land.

So what is the utility of the Feliz En Vista apartment project, what’s hot at Feliz En Vista? What should be the name of the owner so? We will learn the same thing soon after.

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What are the top-class facilities of the Feliz En Vista apartment complex?

When living in the Feliz En Vista apartment you will be immersed in a miniature world with all the amenities for the residents of Feliz En Vista. All residents will live in a tight environment and security, creating the development of three different generations, with hundreds of small and large utility:

Luxurious man-made beach, with the busy life nowadays, it is very difficult for you to lead a family to go to the beach regularly, but you can rest assured that at Feliz En Vista there are also right at an artificial beach, fully meet the desires of your family.

– 2 swimming pools with swimming pool 50m and saltwater pool: will definitely satisfy your family’ swimming needs, you will be immersed in the cool water of the pool, dispel all the fatigue after a long day of work.

– Hot springs: You will enjoy very warm water in the cold winter with the fragrance of the petals at the place where you live will definitely make you relaxed and pleasant.

Family karaoke room and modern outdoor cinema: It will be an experience and a whole new feeling when you enjoy the best movie at the bottom of your apartment right?

Or you can enjoy your favorite singing at the launch of Feliz En Vista

– Cruz’s luxurious guest lounge: With the reception hall of Cruz, your guests will be treated with the most care and represent the owner’s level.

– Aerial gardens, tropical gardens and super-tree gardens: All will create a space of greenery, freshness and brilliant colors for your life here. With the environment being polluted, the trees are like the green lungs of the apartment

The mysterious gym: With a system of modern machinery, along with the dedicated guidance of the coaches you will surely own yourself a healthy body, slim and charming.

In particular, you and your family will live in a very secure apartment with security system tight, 24/24 security with four floors of security system is: strict protection at the gate, lock from the lobby, the internal communication system with intelligent door lock. Sure your family will live in a very safe place.

And a lot of other great little gadgets too…

Feliz En Vista District 2

Luxurious system at Feliz En Vista District 2

So what about the outdoor utility of the Feliz En Vista apartment project?

In addition to the extremely special local areas that Feliz En Vista brings, the outlying areas of Feliz En Vista are no less.

Around the international hospital as high as; Phuc An Khang International Hospital, Thai Binh International Hospital. Your family and children will receive the most attentive and caring care from a team of highly qualified doctors.

Thanks to its special location, near Feliz En Vista there are also schools, shopping centers and supermarkets. You only have to spend a few minutes shopping.

Not only that, right next to Feliz En Vista is the administrative center of District 2 all your paperwork will be resolved quickly.

With all such diversity and superiority, come to Feliz En Vista to enjoy all the luxuries it brings.

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