Feng Shui Articles For 12 Herbs To Ensure Fortune

For the beautiful house, in addition to choosing the direction of the house or the layout of the room, choosing a feng shui suitable for the owner’s age is also very important.

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You can easily meet the penthouse in someone’s office or the beautiful house. In essence, this is not a common decoration but it is one of the feng shui objects in the house, which can affect the health and fortune of the owner.

Choose feng shui items for 12 herd

From the viewpoint of feng shui, each animal will have a different manifestation of Feng Shui. So choose how to make your career as the wind kites, let’s find out!

– Mouse age (Mouse): After buying a nice house or building a new house, the old person should put in his house needles or jade with the shape of the body, Dragon, Ox because this is the Triangle and the Six the age of Ti. If the owner does business, besides these items can be added jade-like or white turquoise in the workroom to exorcise the evil.

– Moi (Buffalo): Feng shui housing of the Ox is very suitable with the items Tiger, Snake, it will help homeowners health and prosperity go up quickly. In addition, in the house of the Ox should also put feng shui statues of four gods.

Water feng shui fortune for 12 fortune

The Rat is good for the destiny of the Ox

– Age Tiger (Tiger): This person should choose the feng shui Horse, Dog, Pig if the road to career glorious favorable.

– Cat age (Cat): The triple and trunks of the Cat’s age are Pig, Dog, Goat, so choose items with these three images will be very good. In addition, the Mao people should also decorate their beautiful house by sculpture Buddha because the people of the Cat family are very attached to Buddhism.

– Dragon Age (Dragon): The benefactors of the Dragon is Monkey, Rat, Rooster. When choosing feng shui objects, the Dragon should choose the bracelet, bracelet with these images to the rich life rich.

– Snake Age (Snake): When designing a beautiful house, people of the Snake age should decorate the house with feng shui objects, Ox, Body or other articles of charcoal to remove the negative field, clean the air.

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– Horse Age (Horse): This age has Tam and Luc are the Tiger, Dog, Goat. Items of these three images will make the life of the Ngam people sail.

Water feng shui fortune for 12 fortune

The old man with the feng shui picture

– Age Goat (Goat): Very suitable for Pig, Cat, Horse. It will help the people of Goat are lucky, always work hard and quickly promoted.

– Monkey Age (Monkey): Should choose the jade, Feng Shui line or needle-shaped one of the three herd is Tu, Dragon, from buying the beautiful house.

– Dau Age (Chicken): Age people need to pay attention to Feng Shui articles, Ox, Dragon will have luck on love road, health and career stability.

– Dog Age(Dog): Products Tiger, Horse, Cat will help the old people to dispel the ghost, attracted by fortune is inherently the three, the Dogage.

– Pig age (Pig): It is recommended to use needles, pearls, chains, rings with the image of the Rabbit, Smell, Tiger.

The above are some reference information on feng shui articles for 12 children. To make more accurate choices when designing a beautiful home, the host can also ask for the help of feng shui master or some knowledgeable about Feng Shui housing.

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