Feng Shui Tips To Help Decorate Your Home For The Year 2017 Dinh Dau

Note the transition areas in addition

The door to the main door, window sill, steps, … which is the place where the air, air discharge, the new map should create new shades with decorative techniques.

It is important to note the sound and lighting factors for exhibits. By using feng shui water flowing murmuring, put waterfalls, headlights, hanging spirits, flute tube to increase lively and stimulate the rotation of the living room.

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Feng Shui New Year

Beautiful ornamental plants with shade or wrong bonsai trees, paralympic paintings, mascot stickers of the year, stone or bronze pendants, hanging lanterns … are priority items for the transition area

Note the arcs and gaps

Feng Shui New Year

leave the stairs empty

The central section, usually the space between rooms, commute areas, stair shafts or skylights. It is these non-living areas that are often the lifeblood of life and lead the view of the fresh interior.

Therefore, you should clear the ladder, enhance the lighting and can put more small flower pots, decorative items such as stone statues for these areas.

For apartments, Trung Cung is often the intersection of rooms, you can create highlights such as carpet or picture, pottery (terra cotta, neutralize) pots ornamental … to create a lively and bright New Year.

Be careful with the altar

Feng Shui New Year

be careful with the altar

In this area, you should not use wipes, restriction photo moves, status. Use wet tissues to wipe the dust off the statues (terrains, geniuses) or photos on the altar.

Compact the altar reasonable according to the principle: incense bowl is always placed close to the most intense, that is to place the most statue/photo. The middle space used to display wine, tea, water, fruit tray or flower vases when worshiping. The incense burners, when worshiping on December 30, should burn out the incense sticks of the old year, attention should not be thrown into the trash.

According to feng shui, the fact is that the incense bowl, candles on the occasion of the festival, New Year just show the solemnity and help “to exile new”. Regarding the attitude of moving the incense bowl on the altar is not correct.

 Paying attention to the place to treat guests, eat

Feng Shui New Year

Guest room and dining room

This area will regularly gather people during New Year so need to embellish on the occasion of the New Year is necessary. Additional items used both effective and decorated as the wine rack, tissue box, tea tray …

You also need to plan and be able to store some sharp angular furniture to avoid danger and create a space for children to have fun in the Lunar New Year. Avoid placing arbitrarily in the way you are sitting, when there are many guests will cause inconvenience and entanglement.

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