Find out the beauty of Saigon in the modern living space

The hustle and bustle of Saigon, changing constantly, makes the “Pearl of the Far East” more and more oppressive. Therefore, the tendency to seek for nature has become the demand of many residents living and working in the city.

Find peace in Swan Bay Garden Villas

Memories of ancient Saigon, the “Pearl of the Far East” reputation makes many people look forward to finding that beautiful image in modern life. There, the life quietly pass each peaceful house. The roads shade trees sunny, traffic through order.

Neighborhood chan harmony, concerned each other as family members but still respect the privacy, privacy. It is easy to see in the living space of the Saigon people are always relaxed. Housing design always pay attention to green space such as greenery indoors, green trees on the balcony truss or lightly parked at the doorstep. Plus, in the middle of the city or around the small canals.

Garden in Swan Bay villa

Swan Bay Garden Villas aims to bring green, modern, comfortable living to the residents.

According to the development of life, the trend of residents of the city has the need to enjoy the peaceful life of relatives after hours of intense work is increasingly clear. In other words, although they are very focused on their work, they go back to the outskirts of the city to rest.

From the practical needs, the Swan Bay Garden Villas project was born. Located on the natural peninsula of the city – Dai Phuoc island with over 464ha, Swan Bay Garden Villas project is a scale project with the orientation of building a new urban of the city.

Private living space

At Swan Bay Garden Villas, residents have the opportunity to enjoy private living space, closed with the specific products such as riverside villas, riverside villas, landscape villas, duplex villas, houses city…

SwanBay Garden Villas

Swan Bay Garden Villas offers a range of unique products: riverside villas, riverside villas, landscaped villas, duplex villas, townhouses.

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Each housing product is designed by the owner to respect the individual living space for the owner with shared space and separate with clear space community. The architecture is open in an open way, ensuring that the residents have a personal space that blends into the community in a friendly and friendly manner.

Covered by green ecosystems

Swan Bay Garden Villas Swan City is committed to the overall green development of the project. Accordingly, the trees are covered up to 65% of the project area including public parks, parks, landscapes … Each corner here will be dyed blue natural eye cool. Prior to and after each apartment is carefully rearranged green array.

Especially with its unique location, Swan Bay Garden Villas are surrounded by the Saigon River with water droplets. The fresh wind from the river blows in to ensure the air here pure and pure.

Experts appreciate the Swan Bay Garden Villas when it comes to quality standards. This fresh air is not a present project.

Grade benefits

Swan Bay Garden Villas offers a wide range of amenities that cater to most of the residents’ leisure, entertainment and shopping needs. It’s a closed complex, and if nothing goes wrong, Swan Bay Garden Villas is ready to please. The Swan Bay Garden Villas facilities include:

  • 5 star standard resort pool with infinity design.
  • Outdoor BBQ area is cool.
  • Outdoor play area for children.
  • Shopping, entertainment along the river.
  • An impressive outdoor wedding reception.

In addition to the popular local amenities, Swan Bay Garden Villas also own specialized facilities such as:

  • 18 holes golf course for professional competition, professional training.
  • The longest running jungle around the island is not a project.
  • Modern marina of international standard.

Relaxing to enjoy life is something that Swan Bay Garden Villas bring residents here. Not too isolated from the city as the directions from the project to the city center are connected quite easily and quickly. Therefore, the residents of Swan Bay Garden Villas can enjoy the peaceful life, quality of family and loved ones.

Swan Bay Garden Villas will open 66 semi-detached villas

On June 16, 1818, Swan Bay Garden Villas opened 66 semi-detached villas with a discount of up to 15%.

On June 16, 2018, Swan Bay Garden Villas will open 66 semi-detached villas with green landscaping and high quality finished amenities (automatic doors, green fence, parking area canopy, heat resistant glass …).

Especially, on the opening day, buyers will receive a discount of up to 15%. Competitive price is only VND20-25 million / sqm, payment method stretches, there are more flexible payment options. This is a good opportunity for a user to own a villa in SwanBay Garden Villas at a discounted price.

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