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Find The Most Beautiful Bridge In Ho Chi Minh City

beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to the high-rise buildings that have been built such as: The Landmark 81, Bitexco Building, Saigon Times Square … Ho Chi Minh City is also home to many beautiful and famous bridges. Sure to mention, people know. Let’s find Rever to find these beautiful bridges.

Anh Sao Bridge – The sparkling beauty of the night

Ever since, the Star Bridge has become a familiar symbol in the heart of the people of Ho Chi Minh City, especially young people. Located in Phu My Hung urban area (District 7), Anh Sao Bridge is always bustling and sparkling, becoming an indispensable name when referring to Ho Chi Minh City. You may not notice, the truth is the first pedestrian bridges of Vietnam and also one of the most beautiful bridge in HCM City with lighting system shimmering, fanciful floor, step, roar.The bridge combined with the water spray system on both sides very eye-catching. In particular, the lighting system of the Anh Sao Bridge is used by solar panels mounted at the bridge of the bridge, giving people on the bridge the feeling of walking on thousands of stars.

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beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City
Anh Sao Bridge is sparkling at night

At both ends of the bridge, there are two large squares of strangely designed: The West Side (Kenh Dao Area) is a moon-shaped simulated square and the East Side (Crescent Square) simulates the sun. The bridge is only for pedestrians, so it attracts many young Saigon people to focus, talk, walk the streets and take pictures together.

Phu My Bridge – the name of the largest cable-stayed bridge in Ho Chi Minh City

Phu My bridge is considered the largest cable-stayed bridge in Ho Chi Minh City, crossing the Saigon River, linking District 2 and District 7, belonging to the outer ring road of Ho Chi Minh City. Phu My Bridge is not only a key project in Vietnam but also the most modern cable-stayed bridge in the world. The most modern here is the cable-stayed section, in the world only a few such bridges.

beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City
Phu My beautiful bridge in the afternoon

Coming here, you will feel like you are in a river country with vast river and oasis stretching. Low under the green coconut palms are roofs tilted, somewhere upstream the boat left nine. In the evening, the bridge of the bridges shines with laughter from the young couple with love keyboards hanging over the railing.

Mong Bridge- one of 10 historic, cultural, scenic places

In addition to Anh Sao Bridge, the bridge is also one of the famous pedestrian bridge to attract many young Saigon people come here. The bridge spanning the Tau Hu canal – Ben Nghe, connecting District 1 and District 4, is 128 meters long, 5.2 meters wide, 0.5-meter wide pedestrian walkway, built of solid steel. On November 19, 2015, Mong Bridge was awarded by Ho Chi Minh City as one of 10 historical-cultural relics.

beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City
The bridge, historic bridge

The bridge has a unique structure, like a jade blue rainbow over the canal in the heart of the city. In the early morning and afternoon, the Mong Bridge attracts hundreds of people here to exercise, play, take pictures. This is a destination that many young people and couples love to choose to jointly chewing, chatting in the cool breeze from the Saigon River, or simply hand in hand to watch the sunset fall down, enjoy the rhythm of life in Saigon being bustled.

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Thu Thiem Bridge – Bring District 1 and District 2 closer together

Thu Thiem Bridge is a bridge linking the two banks of the Saigon River in District 2 and Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Thanh District. The bridge has 6 lanes, connecting Thu Thiem new urban area and the existing center of the city.

beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City
Thu Thiem Bridge changes the face of the East

Since its inauguration, Thu Thiem Bridge has gradually become a favorite destination because of the beautiful landscape and the spacious space. When you arrive here at late afternoon or late, you will see many young people gather on the bridge. This is also an ideal fishing spot. See also: Overview of Diamond Island where projects will benefit from a $ 500 billion bridge.

Saigon Bridge – connecting the East with the city center

The Saigon Bridge, also known as the Tan Cang Bridge, is one of the bridges spanning the Saigon River connecting Dien Bien Phu Street (Binh Thanh District) with the Ha Noi Highway (District 2), Ho Chi Minh City. The bridge was completed by Johnson Drake and Piper from November 1958 to June 28, 1961.

beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City
Sai Gon bridge

Near the foot of Binh Thanh district, there are two Van Thanh and Tan Cang tourist areas. You can stop here to relax in the cool space of trees.

Khanh Hoi Bridge – Unique quay Ho Chi Minh City

Khanh Hoi Bridge – Khanh Hoi Bridge crossing the Ben Nghe Canal, right at the Saigon river entrance and next to the Nha Rong Wharf, is one of the 11 major bridges on the East-West Highway – the most beautiful and modern route of the city. present. This is the unique quay in Saigon was built in France in 1904.

beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City
Khanh Hoi Bridge

With Khanh Hoi Bridge, after the bridge was demolished, in 2006 to serve the route leading to Thu Thiem tunnel, it continued to be dismantled for new construction. The bridge is nearly 167 m long, 22 m wide, 4 lanes. The new bridge has a curved soft and stylized, contributing to the beauty of fine art, beside Ben Nha Rong and the flagpole Thu Ngu – traffic light regulates boats on Ben Nghe and Saigon old rivers. Standing here you can enjoy the panoramic view of Saigon River.

Ong Lon Bridge – Famous for steel pipe arch

Cau Ong Lon is located on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard in District 7, passing Ong Lon canal. The bridge has the structure of steel pipe dome stuffed concrete used in Vietnam for the first time. From afar you can recognize the Ong Lon bridge with its distinctive red coat.

beautiful bridge in Ho Chi Minh City
Ong Lon bridge

Located on the largest and most modern urban route in Saigon, Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, Ong Lon Bridge is the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city but still retains the gentle beauty of the river. and the trees around.

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