First Sale Of Kenton Node Project

After many years Kenton Residences is dormant, the project (Nguyen Huu Tho, Nha Be district) has been officially reborn with the new name Kenton Node.

The strong attraction from the location is located in the heart of Saigon South.

Located on the front of Nguyen Huu Tho – the largest road linking the city center with the South, adjacent to the modern urban crowded Phu My Hung, Kenton Residences has been expected to become one of the expression statue of this area.

After a long pause, after much effort, the owner has officially announced the re-launch of the project with the new name is Kenton Node. Tai Nguyen was added VND1,060 billion by BIDV and Maritime Bank to revive this project.

the Kenton Node project

Kenton Note with brilliant lights at night

The Kenton Node project is open for sale after a period of lethal war.

On May 21, Tai Nguyen Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Company Limited officially launched the sale back to Kenton Node project after nearly 7 years of “real estate war”

However, the period that Tai Nguyen Company launched the market is also the peak time that the real estate market freeze. So it is not surprising that this project has tasted badly and severely, forcing Tai Nguyen Company to stop the project implementation in 2011. To respond to the press in 2013, Vu Anh Tam – Chairman of the Company Resource has said the company has returned all of its purchase money to nearly 100 customers who have purchased and are seeking a new solution.

The official Kentin Note project

The official Kentin Note project

It took a long time, until May 21, 2017, after nearly 7 years since the first sale, Kenton project was again launched by Tai Nguyen Company. And this time another point is that the apartments of the project have been redesigned in a smaller area, from 47-142 sqm, corresponding to 1,683 apartments, 288 five-star hotel rooms and condotel area of ​​586 apartments. .

Thought of the investor about his mental children in the apartment district 7.

And after that, five years of war inactivity, at the opening ceremony, Mr. Vu Anh Tam expressed strong emotions. “Starting in 2009, the Kenton Note project was initially designed as a high-end housing complex, but the difficulty of the market has made it unattainable. Up to today, this project has been transformed into a complex, commercial center with the goal of becoming the largest commercial resort in Nha Be. “

Active life at Kenton node.

If you are a young person, be active and receptive to new things. Kenton node hotel will be a first choice. A Sky Club will be located at the top floor of the commercial center building. In the vibrant EDM music of the DJ will be the magic light, next to the cafe with beautiful space, “quality” and is considered a holy site for “check in” enthusiasts.

Kenton Node

Active life at the Kenton node that anyone would like to enjoy

Highlights of the Kenton node super apartment project.

Convenient access opens up multi-directional connections to the Kenton Node Hotel, providing convenient access to the center, limiting traffic congestion, and connecting to neighboring areas. Beside that is very good feng shui, the land compensation, great sandy benefits.

It is a green standard project with a tropical garden, which is considered as the heart of the whole urban area. Besides, it is a breakthrough in the design style, making the most of all living spaces, to capture the spirit of the entire urban.

Superior amenities include: Riverfront Multi-Purpose Recreation Park, Kenton Node International School, Kenton Node International Hospital, Outdoor Theater, Luxury Offices, 5- star hotel, park, promenade, riverside multi-purpose theme park, Kenton Node International School, Kenton Node International Hospital, outdoor stage, luxury hotel, 5 -star hotel.

Kenton node

The greatest strength in Kenton Note District 2 can not be overlooked

In addition to the park, walking, shopping centers, services rich, diverse, Sky Pearl lake landscape is extremely beautiful: this is considered a highlight in the utility of the project. Kenton Node District 7, attracting a large number of customers.

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The Kenton Node project is like a green European city.

In the trend of development and integration and density of population concentrated in big cities increased especially Ho Chi Minh City causing the air pollution and living environment is threatened, the project Kenton node district 7 was born with planning design, developed according to European Union standards create a green city where interference, harmony between nature and people.

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