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Five reasons to choose SaiGon Sports City in 2018

Saigon Sports City project

In the past 3 years, the real estate market in District 2 and District 9 has completely transformed and developed extremely strong However, the “Concept” that developers use almost the same makes people feel the masses from the project. In this article, Realestatevietnam will give you a new perspective on a project with a young, dynamic idea that is Saigon Sport City.

Guests have a new perspective on a project with a young, dynamic idea that is Saigon Sport City Apartment This is a perfect choice with the combination of the Olympic-themed sports center that is well-invested with high-end commercial buildings and apartments, creating an outstanding architectural complex.

There are 5 reasons to confirm Saigon Sport City

Firstly :

Saigon Sports City project is a special luxury project, located close to the administrative center of District 2, which is considered as the busiest and busiest center of the city, is one of the top 4 projects are leading The most awaited include: Palm City, SG sports city, Gem Riverside, with estimated investment capital of $ 300 million.

Saigon Sports City is located in the southern part of Rach Chiec, in the south, adjacent to the Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway, in the east and west, surrounded by the Rach Chiec Sport Center and Him Lam urban area. The most prominent urban areas in the city such as Sala – Dai Quang Minh (Thu Thiem), Thao Dien, etc. are under construction such as Palm City, Gem Riverside, and townhouses. The existence of the “hug boss” Khang Dien, MIK,

Particularly, the high-tech zone of District 9 with the installation of first-class technology factories such as Sammsung, Intel and Microsoft has opened up great opportunities for investors to lease and sell apartments. Estimated land prices in this area will continue to increase through each period and the population density here at one time increased.


Saigon Sports City has a total project area of ​​64 hectares. Unlike other projects, this project is divided into two distinct sections by Muong Kinh canal. With complete planning and scientific calculations, the project becomes the largest and most modern complex in HCMC.

– The northern section of 26 hectares, designed as a sports center, built according to international standards including the Olympic standard football stadium with a capacity of about 10,000 spectators, nine tennis courts with a capacity of 2000 spectators, swimming pool for 2000 people, training area for students, school system at all levels, high class commercial and park.

– In the south of 38 hectares, it is designed as a residential complex with high-rise buildings, convention centers, hotels, high-end apartments, offices and hospitals and accommodates about 12,000 people.

The split of the project is a characteristic feature of the project, which shows the cleanliness between the peaceful residential area (zone 2) and the energetic area, burning in dynamic sports and physical training. (Zone 1). Two subdivisions are unlikely to be related to each other, but actually they complement one another.

Quote: Sell apartment apartment District 2


Certainly the most frightening thing when choosing to buy a house in Saigon is air pollution and noise and security are not stable. Therefore, the project adjacent to the Rach Chiec River in the north and the canal Jing Jing on two sides to create a clear profile, easy to receive fresh air from many sides. Combining the natural tree network with high coverage, especially in the park, residents will have a cool environment of fresh air, enjoy the wind throughout the year.

With Saigon Sport City security is always guaranteed absolutely 24/24. You can live comfortably between the knowledge community, modern living environment, civilized, youthful, dynamic. The resident’s security is invested by the owner and security good. SaiGon Sports City is worthy of an ideal retreat.


The project has modern transportation infrastructure, extremely convenient and flexible on many roads. Only 10-20 minutes away, you can quickly move into the central area such as District 1,3,7 and smoothly to the neighboring provinces like Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria – Vung Tau easily.

Located in An Phu Ward, District 2, close to the Rach Chiec traffic, close to the Hanoi Highway, Mai Chi Tho Avenue, Ring Road 2, Vo Chi Cong, … are the most important factors to solve the problem of travel. You can enjoy shopping at Big C supermarket and Vincom Mega Mall, Metro An Phu within 5 minutes, periodic health examination at District 2 Hospital, Phuc An Khang Hospital only 10 minutes, peace of mind Let your child study in the international school system (at all levels). All in a 4km radius.

The traffic jam will no longer be a barrier, will not have to inch each inch intermingled between the “association”, drowning in the midst of the sunshine Saigon. Because of this, the regional roads are very public. There are still many routes being implemented. The road connecting Hanoi Highway to Do Xuan Hop is the most practical example.


To make the value of the project Saigon Sports City can not ignore the investor Keppel Land (belonging to the Keppel Group Singapore ) and Chiap Hua (Hong Kong).

Proudly among the top Asian investors and having many years of experience in the profession, Kepel is confident of being a reputable, quality investor with many big awards domestic and foreign. The Group has achieved 18 high-end projects spanning from the North to South including Sedona Suites Royal Park and Vietcombank Tower in Hanoi; Saigon Center, Villa Riviera, Riviera Cove and The Estella, Palm City, PetroVietnam Building in Vung Tau, … Saigon Sports City is the largest complex at the present time in Ho Chi Minh City. Kepel brings with a new look, luxury, multi-color comfort.

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