Flats Without Fire Prevention Will Be Handled

HCMC People’s Committee requires investors to put the works to use when ensuring quality. The People’s Committees of districts and districts should be strengthened to manage fire prevention and control and build for apartment buildings.

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On September 29, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has written requirements investors to ensure fire safety in the construction process and only put the works into operation when quality assurance. With apartments on nine floors, the investor must notify in writing to the fire police about ensuring fire safety conditions before putting into use.

The HCM City People’s Committee also assigns districts to strengthen the management of fire prevention and control and the construction of condominiums in their respective areas. At the same time, HCM City People’s Committee directs the handling of apartment buildings before 1975.

Buildings built before 2005 must have plans to invest in equipment and maintenance of fire prevention and fighting systems. To promptly handle cases of changing the functions of construction items in the course of use. Prevent the situation for people to stay in the works when not tested, completed on fire prevention and construction …

The HCM City People’s Committee assigned the Department of Construction to instruct District People’s Committees to handle 474 apartment buildings before 1975. With these apartments, in the immediate future, they must complete the inspection of the quality of the works and set the suitable treatment plan …

Apartment management does not guarantee fire

New HQC Plaza apartment was burnt in July because of the shortage of electricity

HCMC police in cooperation with police of FPF investigated and clarified the causes of the fires in the apartment buildings, especially the apartments have not been accepted and completed, but investors have given residents to use. Then clearly define the responsibility and strictly handle the above behavior.

Fire police should guide residents living in the apartment necessary skills escape, treatment in case of fire. Regularly organize rehearsals on firefighting and rescue and rescue for high-rise apartment buildings.

The HCM City People’s Committee will direct the approval of the project, the design of the construction planning, the granting of construction permits, the approval of fire prevention designs for projects and works built in the city…

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At the same time, petitioning the central government to adopt appropriate mechanisms and policies to encourage domestic and foreign investors to invest in the construction and renovation of apartment buildings built before 1975.

Apartment management does not guarantee fire


Previously, as we have reported, HCMC currently has 1,037 apartments in use, of which more than half were built before 2000, with no technical and fire protection, fire risk. high.

Recently, units under FPD Police checked 734 tall buildings, made 734 records and handled 119 administrative violations with the total amount of 144,550,000 VND. In particular, the main violations are violations of conditions of escape (25%), lack of firefighting equipment (18%), violations of management and use of electricity (10%)…

However, in the middle of September, even though the quality of works has not been accepted, the fire protection system has not been tested, but the investor of HQC Plaza apartments still put residents in Block 4. The building was just a fire in July, causing hundreds of residents to panic.

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