Flawless Living Space At The One SaiGon District 1

The One Saigon Apartment is located in the heart of the financial district 1- crowded with high growth rate.

This place concentrates many services of the highest level, the economic and trade agencies of the whole city. The One is a place full of prosperity and will be the pride of the owner here.

The One Saigon is one of the most luxurious apartments in the heart of District 1. With the desire to bring residents full of life right at the center, The One Saigon project has fully developed the amenities of a luxury apartment: Lavena Spa Center luxury, Crystal Blue Pool, modern Energy Revival Gym room…

Not only that, The One Saigon has ground floor and mezzanine floor as commercial area and other facilities such as Café Terrace, banking transaction … Especially, living space is always the factor that The One Saigon always focus on, devote the most heart, many types of space for customers to refer.

Here are the types of spaces for reference, all well-known design units collaborate on the idea, including the collaboration of architectural design units from the US SWA and furniture design AA, TTT, Duong Dai. So you can trust the aesthetics as well as quality project of The One Saigon.

Space for young people

Going, learning and absorbing fast are the obvious advantages of young people. That is reflected in the choice of different lifestyles in their living space. The One Saigon has come up with the idea of space suitable for young people. A living space in the style of contemporary, multi-color but extremely harmonious, with the unique personality interior but still looks luxurious will definitely satisfy the young customers that talent.

Space for those who love the classic

The highlight is the difference and the level of an interior space is packed, sent in the little things pretty. From every angle of view of time and space, each widget shows the true shape of a culture, making people feel back to the old days.

Monochrome space for those who love simplicity, simplicity, not too fussily

It does not need a lot of pictures, because the expanded glass itself creates the overall picture with natural daylight and splendid when the city lights up. The ivory tones are used for the whole apartment with the deep, warm colors of the interior to create elegance and elegance for Penthouse on the 20th floor of The One Saigon.

The One Saigon

The One Saigon converges a rich and diverse range of utilities

Vintage Space: Bringing beauty from the past to modern life

If the contemporary design gives you a space that is simple yet sharp and powerful, the classic design will give your room a nostalgic look with subtle portrayal. Inspired by modern life, if you are the type who likes the unique design, sharp and streamlined and space with comfortable design, this is the style that is suitable for you.

Bedroom space – where happiness blossoms

It will be really comfortable to sleep in a room in the classic, with a bit of modernity. The owner of the apartment will enjoy a wonderful space for emotion.

Living room and kitchen

Open space in high-end apartments has become increasingly popular and widespread, as it is an extremely cost effective alternative. Enjoy the great feeling if you live in a spacious, airy open space, not uncomfortable by the baffle wall. Do you like modern space? There are many different options from material, size, color… Your living room space will be subtle, elegant and distinct from the slim, high-aesthetic, solid metal seats.

As society grows, the quality of life is constantly improved and the need to experience and enjoy class space is always the desire of all. Modern technology is constantly being improved and contributes greatly in bringing more advanced facilities to users. And The One Saigon is a place full of convergence.

The One Saigon is truly a luxury, luxury apartment for you and your family to enjoy the moments of life and modern conveniences in the heart of Saigon.

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