Flora Anh Dao Building Ensure The Safety Force

Relating to the fact that residents of Flora Anh Dao lawsuit against the owner of the apartment because of cracked and uninhabitable apartment, Southern Institute of Science and Technology confirmed the construction worker safety.

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Nguyen Ngoc Huyen, General Director of Nguyen Phuc Real Estate Trading and Investment Company Limited, said that the Southern Sub-institute of Science and Technology under the Ministry of Construction has announced results of the quality Flora Anh Dao Apartment.

Accordingly, the conclusion stated, the work of Flora Anh Dao qualified for force safety under the current regulations. The process of construction and acceptance satisfies the requirements of design dossiers, complying with the current regulations and standards.

According to Mr. Huyen, before September 15, apartment owner 1.14 has reflected the wall crack with customer care department of Phuc Nguyen. Through inspection, the specialist said that it is the local fault, can be overcome 100% through the normal warranty.

However, the landlord does not allow for repairs that claim 100% of the apartment value. After September 15, the owner agreed to put in the repair condition that Phuc Nguyen must compensate about VND 600 million without depending on the results of damage assessment.

Phuc Nguyen pledged to repair the apartment and compensate it based on actual damages. Pending the evaluation results of the Southern Sub-Institute of Construction Science and Technology, the owner of apartment 1.14 sent much untrue information, affecting the reputation of the company.

Flora Anh Dao project

Cracks in apartment flora of Anh Dao

“The process of constructing and putting into operation has some shortcomings. We will fulfill warranty obligations in accordance with the contract, ensuring the best interests of customers, “said Huyen.

General Director of Nguyen Phuc said that the company has kept the commitment with the customer is the conclusion of the third party evaluation. Phuc Nguyen also apologized to residents of Flora Anh Dao for the inconvenience of the past.

Previously, as we have reflected, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Hong, the owner of Apartment 1.14 Flora Anh Dao apartment in District 9 has filed a petition to the investor of apartment Flora Anh Dao is Nguyen Phuc Company to the District 9Court.

Ms. Hong said that the project investors have built and handed over poor quality houses, the risk of seriously affecting the lives of residents. The apartment has been sinking, cracking cannot live up to severe impact on living, health and economic loss to the landlord.

The failure of the investor to hand over the quality of the apartment is not fulfilled in accordance with the contract signed between the two parties. Since then, Ms. Hong proposed the District 9 court forced Raw Company compensation 100% of the apartment for her with nearly VND1.2 billion.

By the end of 2015, Ms. Hong signed a contract with Nguyen Phuc to buy 59 square meters of apartments for nearly VND1.2 billion. At the end of June, to visit the apartment before the handover, Ms. Hong discovered in the apartment there appear some cracks, windows are raw, unsafe … She reflected the project management and received The answer will soon be fixed.

Flora Anh Dao project


But when moving in, Ms. Hong heard the sound of the sound on the wall and appear large cracks. The damaged apartments are mainly located on floors 1, 3, 7 … Cracks are both inside the house and also outside the corridor. Many of the walls just touch the hand to fall to the floor.

The Nguyen Hoa Flora project is advertised as Japanese standard. In addition, this project was awarded the “Best Residential Condominium in Vietnam” award at the 2016 Asia-Pacific Property Awards.

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