Flora Fuji Apartment District 9 Of Nam Long

Flora Fuji Apartment is a new condo in District 9. According to many comments on the Flora Fuji project in District 9 will more focus on projects in this area. We will evaluate this apartment from the perspective of a specialist hoping to give you more information before you decide to buy.

The flora Fuji apartment location has convenient transportation connections

The traffic infrastructure in Phu Huu District 9 is changing rapidly every day. More than a year ago, moving through this area was only in some directions, such as Do Xuan Hop and Nguyen Duy Trinh. Now, big roads have been formed to shorten the time to move to the center of the city.

Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway: Travel by car from Flora Fuji to Thu Thiem Tunnel District 1 only 15 minutes.

Vanh Dai Trong road: From flora Fuji Apartment to Phu My Hung District 7 just 15 minutes – to the High-Tech Zone less than 4 minutes.

Do Xuan Hop Street: Under construction extension to 30m move to Thu Duc Crossroads more than 10 minutes.

Especially, the Song Hanh Highway runs from An Phu Mai Chi Tho to Vanh Dai Trong: From Flora Fuji to District 2 center less than 7 minutes by motorbike.

Flora Fuji Apartment

The location of the apartment connects the traffic position

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Owing to the rapidly developing transportation infrastructure, the residents have become more and more crowded in the Phu Huu area and at the same time, the real estate market has been active.

Quite a lot of projects to open successfully and put into operation such as high-class houses of Khang Dien – Melosa Garden, Mega, or Park Riverside of MIK, flats have fledged Anh Dao Flora, First Home Khang Viet, The Art Gia Hoa opened very successful sales.

In June, the Phu Huu area will surely become crowded with the Sam Sung factory with more than 30,000 engineers and skilled workers going into operation. And it was great when Flora Fuji was less than 4 minutes away from Sam Sung.

Or as Fulbright University is the leading US University officially licensed and will be built in the District 9 high-tech zone. This will be a breakthrough providing human resources to ensure the level of Vietnam to the international playing field like TPP.

Flora Fuji is located in the residential area of Nam Long and in the high-end planning area

Flora Fuji Apartment

ideal living space in Flora Fuji apartment

In Phu Huu area, there are two standard residential areas have been formed for a long time, and there are many rich people living in Gia Hoa and Nam Long Kien A residential areas.

Especially, Nam Long residential area is large and bordering with many villas or high-class villas such as Riviera Cove, Gia Hoa.

Flora Fuji Apartment is located right in the heart of Nam Long residential area overlooking the river and overlooking Gia Hoa residential area and Garland, Feliza. Especially Flora Fuji Apartment District 9, located at the entrance of the most luxurious villa in District 9 is Riviera Cove – the place is extremely luxurious with the majority of the population being wealthy entrepreneurs.

In addition, within a 1.5 km radius of Flora Fuji apartment is a lot of high-class residential areas have formed and are mainly middle-class residents, such as the Mega House, Melosa Garden, Park Riverside, Villa Park, Lucasta and especially Venica Villas or Nova’s high-end urban area are Lakeview.

Through the above information, you must have figured out the location of Flora Fuji apartment is special right?

With the high level integrated planning of the area will bring residents living in Flora Fuji Nam Long apartment a lot of value in the present and future that not many places have.

Flora Fuji apartment prices are the solution for young families

Flora Fuji Apartment

luxurious design of Flora Fuji apartment in District 9

Currently, PR price for Flora Fuji project is about USD $ 1045/sqm. At this price, the same location with the Nam Long river view and next to many high-end villas, Fuji Flora prices are quite good.

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You can refer to the price of apartments in the area:

+ The Art Gia Hoa: average USD $ 1090 / sqm (Open to sell 2 blocks, 2 blocks remaining)

+ Flora Anh Dao: Average USD $ 1090/ sqm (Few rows and not nice view)

+ First Home: USD $ 773-818/ sqm (Out of stage 1 of block 2)

+ SKY 9 Apartment: USD $ 840 / sqm – USD $ 900 / sqm

You should refer to the project of the front of Cao Hanh Highway from Mai Chi Tho to Vanh Dai Trong. Jamila’s apartment of Khang Dien has a price of only USD $ 1022 / sqm.

Great financial solution with Flora Fuji District 9

Vietcombank officially lends up to 70% of the apartment value.

The interest rate is only 5.99% – 6.5% / 3 years and grace period is 12 months.

This is definitely a great financial solution that both the investment customer and the buying customer should use.

Information of Flora Fuji apartment District 9

Owner: Nam Long cooperates with Hankyu, Nishitetshu

Location: Nam Long Residential Area, Phuoc Long B Ward, District 9

Local amenities: commercial center, swimming pool, park, bar, landscaping, kindergarten…

Area: 54sqm – 86sqm

Price: from USD $ 45000 to 59000 / unit

The above is our share of the Fuji South Flora project. Hope you will have more useful information about Flora Fuji apartment and become a resident of the project.

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