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The food in Hoi An Ancient Town is very tempting

Kim Do Village

Hoi An is famous for its exquisite cuisine. Hoi An cuisine is the crystallization of the heart of the Central and the cuisine of the local cuisine.

Coming to Hoi An, not only enjoy different Eurasian dishes, Vietnamese food, you are also attracted by the traditional cuisine of this land.

Enjoy the lobster at Sen Hoi Restaurant:

Located at Lot 12 of Lac Long Quan, Cua Dai, Hoi An, Quang Nam is one of the famous restaurants with lobster-related dishes. The lobster-related dishes are almost always maintained throughout the year. Lobster can be processed up to 6 or 7 different dishes. In addition, tourists can call seafood dishes such as shrimp, fish, sea squid …, food is always guaranteed with fresh criteria, hygiene, nutritional quality.

Sen Restaurant
Enjoy Hoi An cuisine at the famous Sen Restaurant

Sen Hoi An Restaurant is designed exquisite, unique, airy. In that space bring the sea, the local people

Enjoy the natural stone architecture, enjoy delicious food at Hoi An Stone Restaurant:

Guests ca easily find restaurants at 308-310 Cua Dai Street, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam.

The restaurant is built from mainly stone and wood, suggesting natural space, peaceful countryside scenery in Vietnam. The capacity of the restaurant is 250 to 300 customers.

Next to the restaurant is the river Thu Bon winding peaceful, gentle and the fields at the wing to fly. Guests can both eat from the balcony and watch the beautiful scenery, relax yourself with nature. The design of the Hoi An Stone Restaurant is simple yet sophisticated, suitable for both domestic and foreign guests. There is also a separate smoking area.

Hoi An Stone Restaurant
Enjoy the natural stone architecture, enjoy delicious food at Hoi An Stone Restaurant

Coming to the restaurant, you will enjoy regional specialties, traditional dishes such as high-rise, chicken rice, white rose … Various  menu with Alacarte, BBQ , Buffet, Gala dinner .. extremely diverse for customers to choose.

Come to Wood Restaurant, you will be impressed with the design style, delicious dishes rich, diverse, professional service recipients, chefs leading.

Enjoy grilled eel on Thu River at Kim Do Village.

Kim Do Village is located in Cam Nam, Hoi An, Hoi An, Quang Nam. This is considered as extremely expensive location by both the center of Hoi An Ancient Town and the area along the romantic Hoai River.

Restaurant designed in simple style, quiet village of Vietnam but also very elegant, noble. Spacious design space identity, simple countryside should create peace, comfort for customers.

Coming to the restaurant, visitors will be served with specialty dishes. The restaurant also has a bar, a riverside bar. More specifically, there is an introduction to Vietnamese countryside culture, introducing cultural beauties, the transformation of the beautiful land of Hoi An over time.

Besides serving the order service, buffet, restaurant also serves wedding parties, parties, parties for large groups …

Specialties at the restaurant are salads, grilled eel Thu.

Kim Do Village
Designed in simple style, quiet village of Viet

Hai Café is located at 104 Tran Phu, Hoi An, Quang Nam, the center of Old Quarter area.

Located in the ancient Old Town, the restaurant has a spacious design but still retains its old mossy, nostalgic features. Is it because of ancient that the restaurant always makes a mystery, a sense of attraction, which makes visitors want to see and explore for.

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In addition to serving the special taste, Hai Café is also attracted by the program’s own style. The cooking class gives visitors an in-depth understanding of how to prepare food at the bar, a program that serves Western dishes, barbecued steaks … Guests can choose freely.

Discover Hoi An peacefully with Tam Tam Café:

Guests can easily find TamTam Café at 110 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Although newly established not long but this place makes an impression difficult to fade with both the guests, especially the foreign visitors.

The space of small shop with warm benches, bright yellow lights create a cozy feeling, a space of small eateries in Europe. Diners will be stimulated to taste, creating appetite when eating.

TamTam café mainly serves European dishes. Foreign visitors love to come to the restaurant because of the taste of food and traditional processing delicate guaranteed to create satisfaction for customers.

Your trip to Hoi An will not be perfect if you do not enjoy the unique food, specialties at these famous restaurants.

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The food in Hoi An Ancient Town is very tempting

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