For Long Time To  Wait To Buy Social Housing

Approximately one month since the Social Policy Bank promulgated guidelines on professional loans for buying and renting social housing but those who want to borrow money still have to wait.

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Tired of waiting …

Having left Binh Dinh in Saigon for 13 years, Le Minh Hoang is desperate to own the house to stabilize. His wife is a teacher in District 12, and he works in Tan Binh Industrial Park.

Before the Lunar New Year, he runs a loan package of VND30 trillion to buy apartments at the housing project of military cadres of Military Zone 7 at Trung My Tay Street, District 12, but the records fail. He continued to knock on the banks looking for cheap loans.

After knowing that there is a 4.8% loan interest rate per year from the Social Policy Bank, Mr. Hoang came to ask, then it is known, no capital from the State bank so he can not lend.

“The 4.8% interest rate package lasted until December 31, 2016, but now there is no money. While the customer must prepare documents, notary documents are numerous. I have missed the opportunity to borrow VND30,000 billion package so I hope to borrow this time but do not know how to wait, “Hoang said.

Similarly, after listening to a package of money to buy a house with interest rate of 4.8%, Doan Thanh Tra in Binh Tan district also zealously contact with investors selling NXXH like Hoang Quan … all get the answer. It is not possible to apply for this loan because there is no guidance from VBSP.

“Having a 4.8% loan package, I’m glad I have the opportunity to own a home. The couple earns more than VND10 million a month. If borrowing by commercial interest is not affordable, “Tra said.

In fact, with the income of less than 10 million of the majority of people, without the support of the State interest rates, the dream of many residents settle into reality.

Social housing

The dream of living is far too many for many, although nominally they are supported by the State.

Unknown to ever have money

By June 2016, the State Bank also issued a circular to instruct credit institutions to provide preferential loans for the implementation of social housing policy and to direct the Social Policy Bank and four commercial joint stock banks Agribank, BIDV, Vietcombank and VietinBank supported people to buy social houses in accordance with Decree 100. However, now the borrowers still can not access this package of preferential loans.

According to Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the HCMC Real Estate Association (HoREA), the results of the survey on demand for buying and renting social houses in Ho Chi Minh City 2016-2020 period by the Institute of Research and Development Ho Chi Minh City has shown that there are 81,000 households and individuals in need.

Of which, civil servants: 10,000, poor and near poor income households: 39,000, workers in industrial zones: 17,000. However, the implementation of social policy is being congested due to lack of funds from the budget because of different opinions between ministries and branches.

For example, the Ministry of Finance has issued Document No. 6753 to submit to the Prime Minister for permission to amend Decree 100/2015 / NĐ-CP: Removing the regulation of social lending VBSP. To re-determine, the lending interest rate by the maximum lending interest rate decided by the Governor of the State Bank for priority areas and short terms.

No interest rate difference subsidy is provided because, with this provision, borrowers investing in the construction of the incentive scheme are entitled to preferential treatment. Regarding the capital sources, the State Bank shall lend to the credit institutions the refinancing with the current refinancing interest rate.

The preferential loan rate is 4.8% per annum, equivalent to 0.4% per month, made according to the Decision No. 1013/2016 on the interest rate of NPL at the Social Policy Bank under Decree 100. / 2015 by the Government.

The borrowers are low-income people, officers, non-commissioned officers, professional servicemen, cadres, civil servants and so on. Buyers, renters will be able to borrow up to 80% of the contract value of buying or renting.

In case of new construction or renovation and repair of houses, the maximum loan capital level shall be equal to 70% of the estimated value or borrowing plan and must not exceed 70% of the value of the loan security property.

The minimum loan period is 15 years from the first loan disbursement date. Buyers, renters are not allowed to mortgage or transfer houses in any form in 5 years.

At the same time, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issued a document No. 3923, stating that the State budget for development investment is still difficult and has a large demand for recurrent expenditures. As a result, the Ministry of Planning and Investment proposed that the Prime Minister assign the Ministry of Construction to coordinate with the Social Policy Bank and other relevant agencies to mobilize other non-budgetary resources to implement the policy to support the NTP.

Social housing


The Ministry of Construction has issued Document No. 1138 to the Office of the Government suggesting that the Ministry of Finance proposes to deregulate the Social Policy Bank’s lending to the NTP is unreasonable, as stipulated in the Housing Law. in 2014 and Decree 100/2015 / ND-CP.

“Capital for the implementation of social welfare policy from 2016 to 2020 and annual depending on the ability of state budget. 2016 may be considered as the first year of implementation of the new policy on housing under the Housing Act 2014. Therefore, the Association agrees with the opinion of the Ministry of Construction recommending that the Government assigns the Ministry of Planning and Investment, proposed to allocate from 500-1 trillion dongs from the state budget in 2016 so that the State Bank has grounds to refinance and subsidize interest rates to implement the policy of socialism, “Chau said.

Nguyen Hoang Minh, Deputy Director of the State Bank of Vietnam, said that according to the principle, the State Bank will pour capital into the Social Policy Bank. From there, the bank will transfer money to branches for deployment to borrowers.

“However, I do not know when the credit will reach the customer. I will ask for information from the State Bank and then reply, “said Minh.

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