Four-Level Houses Cost VND 200 Million In The City, Why Not?

It can be said that VND 200 million is the amount of “modest” and few think that it can store a spacious house in the city. By listing the price of materials, furniture as well as labor costs below, Rever will show you with VND 200 million, you can build your own 40sqm home extremely comfortable.

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The first thing is you spend the amount of VND130 million for hiring labor and building the rough part of the house, the remaining VND70 million will spend on the finishing and furniture, as follows:

  • – Water and electricity system: VND 8 million
  • – House paint: VND 8 million
  • – Aluminum glass for windows and doors: VND 8 million
  • – Bed: 1 and set of tables and chairs: VND 10 million
  • – Brick + granite: VND 15 million
  • – Kitchen and dining table: VND 5 million
  • – Decorative lights, lights and curtains: VND 6 million
  • – Sanitary equipment: VND 5 million
  • – Wardrobe and living room dresser: VND 7 million

After shopping for furniture, your home can have:

  • – Living room with sofa, dresser, …
  • – Bedroom includes bed, wardrobe, small desk
  • – Kitchen, toilet includes kitchen cabinets, small tables and chairs to eat rice, …
Four-level houses cost VND 200 million

Nice house area of about 40sqm-50sqm.

According to the drawings above, your house will be divided into three blocks of space, in which the first consists of small areas for parking. To make this area more eye-catching, you can decorate a few small, beautiful or hanging plants. The second block will be the living room connected to the dining room. Because of the size of the living room and kitchen is not wide so you can put a long sofa L-shaped with a small table to welcome guests. A wall on the other side is a small table and dining table.

The third space is the bedroom and the toilet is decorated and designed lightly. Outside just outside the bedroom will design a dry cottage to make the bedroom more close to nature and filled with light. In addition, the windows and doors should be designed with aluminum glass doors to easily absorb light, to meet the demand for air convection.

At the price of VND 200 million, you can refer to the 3D perspective below, to help you visualize more easily the house you intend to build.

Four-level houses cost VND 200 million

Soft, L-shaped sofas match the modest size. Photo: Internet

Living room furniture of a four-level house is mostly made of glass doors combined with heat resistant curtains. Meanwhile, the wall to the TV will be polished wood to create a highlight of the room. Although all furniture in the living room is simple, it still looks modern and dynamic.

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When choosing a table and chair, you should buy a set of tables and chairs designed in a compact, limited set of tables and chairs to save space for the kitchen. In addition, the color of the furniture should choose the same color as the wall paint to create harmony and gentle for your home.

Four-level houses cost VND 200 million

Bedrooms use tones of elegant color, close to nature.

Bedroom furniture will have an area of about 15sqm with the design door to rear garden. The bedroom is equipped with TV table, industrial stand, bedside lamp, bedside table, light color bed according to the preferences of each person.

Kitchen area of level 4 should be designed simply to save space for the whole house. You should choose the color of white paint or cream as the main theme for the kitchen while matching the color of the wall paint, this way brings harmony, lightness but no less brightness, luxury.

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