Friendly design, buildup in New City, Thu Thiem

According to Truong Thi Hong Cam – Chief Architect of New City Thu Thiem, the design of “Feng Shui” is the highest value of feng shui, which brings both fortune, energy and health to homeowners.

– Since the announcement of Thuan Viet New City project Thu Thiem, design “congestion of water” of this luxury apartment immediately caused much attention. Do you think this is a unique element?

For the East Asian, “Shui Feng” is considered to be the highest value in feng shui. Harmonization of air – wind – water will help to create harmonious atmosphere, focus and maintain the gas for the whole area, while attracting fortune and create peace of good for both investors and buyers home.

Friendly design, buildup in New City, Thu Thiem

Direction of the apartment “fortify”, “water and gas” contribute to help attract investors and peace to the owner.

– Can the “water” factor be extremely important? And location located in Thu Thiem is a great advantage of the project?

Right! Thu Thiem is a peninsula embraced by the Saigon River, all three sides are adjacent to the water, and owns a natural canal system. If you look at the map, you will see New City Thu Thiem located at the knot of the peninsula, like both front and back are all rivers flowing. This “buoy” is a symbol of luck accumulation, and we use these characteristics when arranging scenery to create more perfect feng shui!

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Friendly design, buildup in New City, Thu Thiem

Thu Thiem is a peninsula on all three sides that borders on water and is expected to be the most beautiful urban area in Southeast Asia

– How did the architects of New City of Thu Thiem do that, ma’am?

The design of “waterproof buoyancy” is reflected in the building’s clear lines, the special ventilation we have carefully calculated. The design of the apartment has a wide open space, acting as a “feng shui gate”. In combination with this space is the water surface of the large pool. Water is the symbol of attraction to dragons, such as dragons into the sea to drink water, then back to the center of the building. The dragons will penetrate the blocks, and will be back in the large, cool green park at the back. The breath of the dragon is the gas, bringing prosperity to the residents here.

– In addition to the meaning of feng shui, this design has a direct impact on the lives of residents?

Yes, it is especially good for health. With urban areas, rivers and canals will help minimize pollution, dust and noise, and provide excellent air-conditioning. Wind light, airy with 100,000 square meters of air purifying trees will help New City Thu Thiem always cool, fresh. At any place in the apartment, residents will easily feel the pure nature, maintain a sense of calm and well-being, as well as receive positive energy every day. Imagine, every day you can admire the sunrise from the apartment, spread out the window overlooking the green surroundings. I believe that there is no place in the city so beautiful and romantic!

Friendly design, buildup in New City, Thu Thiem

Not only is the “dragon place”, the park also gives New City Thu Thiem a peaceful scene.

– It sounds very peaceful, not like living in a big city like Ho Chi Minh City?

Quite the opposite, because the Thu Thiem peninsula is shaped as the future center of Ho Chi Minh City. Like New York City’s Manhattan subdivision. Thu Thiem is expected to become a world-class city, and is the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia. You can see this through the speed of “change meat” speed of the whole area, through synchronous transport infrastructure, and many public works. From New City Thu Thiem, residents can move to the city center or any neighborhood in a few minutes, so they can both feel free to “own life” and can mix to live the city rhythm at any time.

– Yes, thank you!

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