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Gem Apartment District 2 – Apartment project owns the system of utilities


Gem Apartment Riverside District 2 – Apartment project owns the system of utilities in the area extremely modern promises to bring the most perfect life for residents.

As one of the successive products of Green Land Owner, Gem Apartment Project District 2 has been receiving a great deal of interest from customers and investors. And one of the reasons why this project has received so much attention from customers is also because Gem District 2 owns the perfect utilities system.

Gem Riverside Project
The panoramic view of Gem Apartment District 2 is very modern, luxurious and class with the perfect interior system around the project

Then in the Gem apartment District 2 there are small utility what? Please read the article below.

Are there any internal facilities in the Gem Apartment District 2?

Gem District 2 is the apartment project in the luxury apartment segment so all internal facilities in this project are built completely closed and comprehensive. This has met the needs of living as well as entertainment of the residents Gem District 2 in the future. It can be said that all the amenities Gem District 2 owns are built in accordance with the standards of modern European standards, will certainly bring living values ​​extremely modern for all residents. At District 2 Gem is invested by Land Green to build a lot of different small and large utility, such as:

Spacious Pool Spillway: Spend a great deal of space in building a swimming pool within the project area, living in Gem District 2 every resident will be resting in the most comfortable pool space. Especially in the hot summer, the swimming pool at Gem District 2 will be a great destination for all residents.

swimming pool Gem Riverside
The unique infinity pool is on site at Gem Riverside

Luxury shopping mall: Gem at District 2 is built large shopping center. With all the big and small items, Gem District 2 residents can comfortably shop and pick up their favorite items.

The river running around the Gem Project District 2, which helps all residents to get up early in the morning and stroll with the people every evening, is great.

International schools of all levels will be built right in Gem Park apartment district 2. So you can completely feel secure about your child’s learning.

Entertainment, health care, sports and community activities are fully integrated within Gem project district 2.

Highlighting utilities at Gem Riverside in District 2
The apartment in Gem District 2 has many large and small utilities to help all residents have a full life and perfect

Security 24/24 extremely safe in Gem project District 2 is also one of the perfect facilities at the project. With a 24/24 camera system, security guards are well trained with the modern magnetic card system to ensure the safest life for Gem District residents. The green park of 1.7 hectares, adjacent to the two sides of the river, will surely bring the residents a fresh air, creating a beautiful view along the Saigon River.

In addition, Gem Project District 2 also has a lot of other large areas such as outdoor BBQ, high-class lounge, romantic cafe, high class restaurants, modern fire is integrated each floor, … All existing in District 2 Gem creates the perfect internal utility system is only available in District 2 Gem.

So what is the out-of-the-area facilities in the Gem Apartment District 2?

With the advantage of very good location in District 2, all Gem District 2 residents have inherited excellent facilities outside the project. Gem District 2 residents can enjoy convenient access to modern, luxurious and classy amenities in the new planning area of ​​District 2. These include:

Around the Gem Apartment District 2 is the major shopping centers such as Metro An Phu, Vincom Mega Mall District 2, Co.op Mart Supermarket, Big C An Phu … So outside the shopping area within the area. Gem of District 2, all residents can go to these supermarkets for shopping is also extremely convenient.

Around the Gem Apartment District 2 is international schools, international health care center, CGV Cinema, Lotte Cinema, Aeon Mall, … Promise to meet all living needs for residents.

Site map at Gemriverside District 2
Gem apartment District 2 owns the facilities outside the wonderful area

Apart from the utmost convenience, the Gem Apartment District 2 also has many advantages for its location, design, price or reputation. We will provide detailed information on these factors in the next article.

So, with the perfect system of utilities that the project has been, you wait for anything but not come and own an apartment in District 2 Gem only.

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