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Gem Riverside Apartment in Dat Xanh District 2

Gem Riverside project

Gem Riverside is the apartment of the Dat Xanh Group in 2018 in the District 2. This article Realestatevietnam goes into some issues that most customers when considering the Gem Riverside apartments are interested. Should we buy Gem Riverside? Does you Invest Gem Riverside profit? Is Gem Riverside’s price high?

Note the long article should read carefully section # 2, # 4 if you are interested in the project Gem Riverside.

  1. / Why should buy Gem Riverside apartment now !!!

1 / The potential we share with you in 2017 has now come true:

+ Road running high speed is very loud – expected to go into operation in 3/2018.

A series of large urban areas form: Lakeview City, Palm Residence in Palm City

+ The potential waiting list officially launched as SaiGon Sports City – the largest project of Keppel Land in Vietnam to date, Rach Chiec National Sports Stadium where SeaGame 31 (2021).

If we used the word potential before then now. And at the beginning of 2018, it was the right timing for the projects in Nam Rach Chiec, An Phu, District 2.

2 / The market is focusing on South Rach Gia District 2

If this market is hot with the Palm Residence or Lakeview City project in 2016 – 2017, the current price difference of this project is up to VND1.5 billion per unit. While luxury apartments in this area such as Palm Heights are still quite stable.

But by the beginning of 2018, when the elements in SECTION 1 have come true, the apartment market is likely to start rising.

The reason for this is that the price of Palm Heights is about VND35-36 million per square meter, and Gem Riverside is about VND38 million per square meter. And products such as Gem Riverside will increase fast because:

Potential wait factors have officially started.

High-speed road will come into operation next time, so the price of the area will start to increase rapidly.

If you are interested in the area of ​​South Rach District 2 should not ignore this article. Realestatevietnam share of the potential of the region, where the power comes from, investment area is feasible? Who should buy Dat Xanh’s project?

  1. Who should buy Gem Riverside Dat Xanh?

Before going into this section, Realestatevietnam recommends to avoid false positives when it comes to identifying clearly:

+ Your real needs: For example, buy in is buy in, do not mix in and then sell or not surfing at all. Only identify a key need to identify the project

Is it appropriate?

+ Expectation Level: Determine your expectations when buying a project to help you determine whether you have bought the right or not, the project is expected to grow or not.

For example, if you buy the Gem Riverside for investment, expect profit, calculate the profit margin or actual profit.

After defining these two and referring to the tips below, Realestatevietnam believes that you will know whether to buy the Riverside Gem or not.

= >> Buy Riverside Gem to invest?

Buy Gem Surfing Project:

Gem Riverside surfing it? The answer is yes – but hard.

Why did Realestatevietname say so?

Surfing the Gem Riverside is not dependent largely on four factors:

+ The success of stage 1 (occupying 40%) (How warm is the level – the number of buyers is not high – the transaction rate is successful)

+ Plan of landing the next batch of Dat Xanh (accounting for 30%) (Scenario of shopping cart – price of phase 2 – with phase  1)

+ Buying beautiful and not so beautiful (accounting for 20%)?

+ Opponents of Gem Riverside launches the Palm Garden (10%).

For the first thing Phong said it is feasible, with the pace of booking now, the ability of phase 1 of the Riverside will be hot. But in the second condition is almost impossible to control, depends quite much on the land owner Green.

If you can guarantee more than 60% to invest in surfing Gem Riverside. At least meet criterion # 1 and criterion # 3 to be able to surf.

Lower risk is quite high you should not choose this investment project at Gem Dat Xanh.

Buy District 2 Gem Project to accumulate assets:

According to Realestatevietnam, this investment plan is most appropriate when buying apartments. If your monthly income is stable and good enough then you should buy Gem Riverside to accumulate.

You only need to pay by the method of payment, the current purchase of Gem Riverside, until October 11, you only pay 20% (for example, For example, VND2.5 billion will pay VND500 million) to officially sign the purchase contract. Then for each stage of the project to 3 floors, payment of 10% (About 2-3 months).

This option you should have a vision of 2-4 years that you will have a valuable asset without having to spend money once pay to spread over 2 years. Can combine history

Use bank loans (30% -40% loan is best) then combine the rental apartment to pay interest. The ultimate goal of this alternative is after a few years there is an apartment Valuable.

Expectation is a profit of between 6% -7% pa for lease combined with apartment value increase of 12% per year thanks to the potential increase share price in the above. Best of

This option should be sold to the real person before the time the apartment becomes the property (After 3-5 years depending on the management and quality of the project).

Buy Gem Riverside to save and be resold price:

This option is quite good but you need to determine the time to make profit. With Gem Riverside project with the planning of the area, according to Feng Le vision from 2 to 4 years is the most beautiful to resell.

At that time the wait factor of this preliminary area was formed, so it was resold at that time (except in case of market decline too, then keep to see how).

Can be combined with bank loans to buy in this scheme, but should not borrow at high interest rates (reasonable from 10-12% per year) than expected increase in price of apartments (expectations are beautiful averagely more than 12% per year for the first 3 years).

The unprofitable moment will make your apartment difficult to resell with profit will not reach as expected. With this investment plan should be alert and

Watch the market, decide to take profits when feeling enough.

= >> How to buy Riverside Gem?

If you buy to stay at the Riverside Gem should you not then let’s see what will happen if you live here.

Fresh living space: With 2 sides of the river, Gem Riverside’s living environment is very good. Especially in the design of the project there is a river park, accompanied by a jogging track will be an ideal place for those who like the relaxing space along the river. This is what makes high-end customers always look for riverside apartments to live on.

A quality life is a trend not just for middle-aged residents, but also for young entrepreneurs. The health concerns of family members are the highest priority criteria. This also shows that future riverside apartment projects will outstrip supply.

+ 50 living utilities ensure a comfortable life: At Riverside Gem there are almost all important living facilities from swimming pool, park, amusement park, clinic, restaurant,

Gymnasium GYM, SPA should live here do not need to go to live service.

Next to it is the American School, which is being built to the 6th – 7th floor. At the South of Rach Chiec, there will be a large commercial area of ​​Palm City (not yet deployed), beside Do Xuan Hop and Song Hanh street. At the corner of LakeView City project will have a big supermarket.

Also, do not forget the other high speed will be a whole Rach Chiec sports area with full of class facilities. Enclosed are a range of amenities right in the Saigon Entertainment City, as well as the Rach Chiec golf course urban area.

With the extra facilities of the Gem Riverside, after the residents come to live (2020-2021 handed), the surrounding facilities are almost put into operation, so there is no need to go anywhere to have fun and entertainment. .

In particular, what makes Realestatevietnam most favorite at Gem Riverside is also related to the inner space of relaxation. Featuring a 12-block, resort-style, 12-block, resort-style swimming pool, the park will be the favorite place of many residents.

However, if there are 8 block -9 blocks, the density will look much better.

According to the Gem Riverside site, the blocks are arranged so that the blocks face each other is not far away, this is the point to compensate for the density here.

Unique green spaces are only available at Gem Riveside
Unique green spaces are only available at Gem Riveside
  1. / Project information Gem Riverside Dat Xanh

– Investor: Dat Xanh Group

– Construction unit (expected): An Phong contractor

– Total project area: 67,142 m2

– Scale: Including 12 blocks of luxury apartments – 3175 apartments designed in European style luxury

– Number of floors: 35 floors.

– Number of apartments: About 3175 apartments.

– Floor area: 379,668 m2

– Commencement (expected): 2017

– Complete the first block: by 2020

– Guaranty and financing bank: Vietinbank

Where is the location of the Gem Riverside project?

The Gem Riverside project is located on Nam Chanh highway in Nam Rach Chiec, An Phu ward, District 2. The project also has two sides adjacent to the river, creating fresh living space for residents living in this area. .

The traffic connection of the project is very flexible:

Gem Riverside -> Mai Chi Tho -> Thu Thiem tunnel: Movement time 7 minutes.

Gem Riverside -> Mai Chi Tho -> Hanoi Highway -> Saigon Bridge: Travel time 10 minutes.

Gem Riverside -> Hi-Tech Park District 9: Travel time 10 minutes.

Gem Riverside -> High speed Highway -> Vo Chi Cong -> Phu My Bridge: Travel time 20 minutes.

The potential of Gem Riverside is highly appreciated by two factors:

+ The apartment has 2 sides adjacent to the river so the living space is very fresh, cool when the project goes into operation.

+ Located in the new planning area, the infrastructure is very classy, ​​large commercial and international schools, public facilities in the area.

Actual video location location Gem Riverside and South Rach Chiec:

What are the benefits of the Gem Riverside project?

Gem Riverside is the first Grade A + apartment project invested by Dat Xanh, should focus on the quality of life of the residents. Realestatevietnam most impressive feature of this project is the resort style, pool resort stretches along the 12 towers of the project. Here are some highlights of the project:

Park water surface up to 7ha,

The riverside running track, the overflowing pool,

Sports area, children’s play area,

Swimming Pool Standard Resort International class.

Relax area: tea, stroll …

BBQ area, international school, and department of high-end commercial …

  1. / Appraisal price of Gem Riverside apartment for sale

There are two aspects of Gem Riverside price that Realestatevietnam want to share for you to refer:

  1. a) The price of the Gem Riverside project is high?

Selling price of Gem Riverside is 38 million / m2 (VAT is not known yet). But according to my assessment, the selling price will be about 35 million VND / m2 (complete delivery without VAT), meaning that the price of Gem Riverside will be about 38 million VND / m2.

Is Gem Riverside’s price high?

=>>Realestatevietnam considers the first criteria of the potential and size of the Riverside Gem.

As to share on the Gem Riverside is located in a highly appreciated location of potential development into a second standard urban area after Thu Thiem in District 2. With the new projects planned, new infrastructure, He is the head of Keppel Land to help make the future of this area very spacious, level. Refer to the planning and status of Nam Rach Rach District 2.

Along with the size of the project, up to 12 blocks spread over 2 sides of the river, providing a living space for residents. (The current market of District 2 apartments is adjacent to the river with prices ranging from VND45 million / sqm to VND80 million / sqm and almost out of the riverbank land fund to develop apartments segment price below VND50 million/ sqm.

At the same time, Gem Riverside was designed to impress me, especially the resort style is very well done in the garden landscape design interwoven with resort style swimming across the 12 block apartment (This perspective landscape The apartment is very nice, customers are quite like, typical in District 2 with Estella Heights current price range about $ 3000 /sqm.

==> The second criterion is the current price of the Gem Riverside compared to before?

Selling price of Gem Riverside is about VND35 million /sqm, which is equal to the price of Palm Heights apartment of Keppel Land in the first stage of sale (Palm Heights price starts from VND 29 million / sqm – completed about VND33-34 million / sqm). Compared to this criterion, the state of infrastructure in South Rach Chiec is very different from Palm Bay in 2017 when it comes out, according to Realestatevietnam, the price of Gem Riverside is very good to buy.

==> The third criterion is the current market like?

With the formation and increase of the price of villa projects in South Rach Gia such as Palm Residence or LakeView City (both increased from VNd1.5 billion per unit at present). Combined with important information about the deployment of the Rach Chiec Sports Complex, including the first international smart metropolitan cluster in Vietnam, Saigon Sports City (the largest urban project of Keppel Land in Vietnam). At present, the market is starting to grow strongly on selling prices as investors find clearer about the complete urban picture in the region.

The combination of the three criteria in Realestatevietnam evaluation, if the price of Gem Riverside from VND35 – 36 million / sqm (excluding VAT) in the first phase is good. Price of VND38-40 million / sqm (Not VAT) for the average block in the beautiful, or near the end of Gem Riverside will be the purchase price.

  1. b) Compare prices of Dat Xanh Gem with projects in the same area

As mentioned above, not only will the Nam Rach Gia Chiec area increase. At present, Palm Heights’s secondary price has also started to leap after news of Saigon Sports City’s launch and the high-speed Bongkot Road. At present, Palm Heights’s two-bedroom units are priced at more than 100 million units and between 150-200 million units of beautiful river views (Palm Heights is estimated at VND36-37 million / sqm and is expected to increase further in 2018)

VND45 million per sq m delivered without VAT). The price of the Gem Riverside compared Palm Garden will be relatively cheaper, of course in terms of prestige as well as the level of Keppel Land, this level is still acceptable.

At the same time, according to information, Palm Garden is more advanced planning than the old Palm Heights subdivision Palm Garden so reasonable. On larger scale in District 2 at the end of 2017 at the beginning of 2018, Masteri An Phu is also commencing and quite successful in the pre-Tet period (trading 600 units from VND39 million / m2 without VAT). With the sale price of riverside apartments, only One Verandah in Thanh My Loi has a price from VND45 million / sqm, much higher than the Riverside Gem only in terms of price.

Come here, Realestatevietnam believes that you have the relative data to be able to assess the price of Gem Riverside is good or not? Realestatevietnam point of sale is VND35-36 million / sqm(not VAT) in the first phase is a good price for customers to buy.

The above analysis is just a general analysis of the aspects of Green Riverside’s Gem Riverside project. However, it is not clear if the Gem Riverside project is the right choice for your needs. To analyze this need more information about the real needs of you as well as the expected expectations to select the appropriate project.

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