Get Rich From Real Estate, Not As Easy As Advertising

Real estate throne is also at the classes to enrich, teach the money from the real estate boom. But making money from real estate is as easy as advertising?

Trend to open class, find teacher

It is not difficult to find and participate in enrichment classes from real estate. After participating in some of this class, we recorded a few things in common. Speakers often attach names to the list of very vocal words, such as the number one expert on real estate, entrepreneur number one market, billionaire hands blank. The students are quite rich, from real estate agents who have real investment needs to students who are engaged with little curiosity or are looking for high-paying jobs.

The first classes are always free on “bait” principle. Often this will be a decisive lesson when the speaker has the talent to beat down the students for the purpose of marketing the next real class, sometimes the tuition fee in is too high.

Depending on the level of influence of the speaker that courses cost from several million VND to several tens of millions VND. It is always the art of marketing with attractive promotions like today’s only, registered students and deposits will be reduced by 50% (or higher) of course value.

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What’s in the enrichment classes?

Real Estate Investment Reporter attended a training session (of an online training company based on Dao Duy Anh Street, Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi), and witnessed a discount from $1,700 / person / 3 days course to $820 / 2 persons (spouse, friend) / course. A price that certainly, the learner may be rich or not know, but the speaker is the collector of money with high tuition fees.

Real Estate Market

Living space around the apartment

Strange thing is that for this price, the deposit was up to nearly 20 students. Seeing me surprised, my friend smiles: “Have not you seen gambling in a passenger car ever? All of them are gone, I have already attended classes, I feel so familiar” …

Not only for high-priced course sales, this training unit representative also offered students to install applications they developed (an app for phones) with greetings: “Every week, the company will send information about the real estate market, data and analysis so that users can read the industry.”

“This is a connected community of top real estate CEOs, managers and experts in Vietnam. It is a place for students to connect, exchange and learns experiences from the most talented people”, the representative of the training unit said. And of course, to use these applications, users have to pay nearly $ 434 per year.

Another topic introduced by the speakers in the courses is the projects they or their companies are developing, investing or distributing. By way of example, the project is directed to PR practitioners, as well as potential investors or real estate sales. In many cases, the trainees quickly became project investors and marketing staff for the speaker company after just one session.

Not in essence.

There are some common features of these classes. What about the training content, really convincing?

Mr. Tuan Anh, a freelance real estate broker in Hanoi, said: “In fact, these classes are not new, the content that they share at times is a copy of the general lessons from a foreign language. Visual examples, specific analytical methods associated with market reality are almost non-existent. As a direct worker, I see that there are many theoretical teachers …”

Mr. Dao Duy Huong, Chairman of Dao Nguyen Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company said: Many real estate investors who attend training courses still follow the movement, while they do not catch up on market information that makes their investments fail.

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“Many people think that the real estate business will get rich quick without having to use your own money, even profits arise overnight. These are a very dangerous illusion by profits generated only from certain bases”, Mr. Huong stressed.

The common psychology of many real estate investors is the desire to generate passive income from investment rather than savings or look forward to the opportunity to get rich quick thanks to the purchase of real estate is likely to increase prices.

The image of the speakers moving forward and building it is miraculous achievements thanks to real estate. However, the knowledge sharing sometimes only references, not necessarily a handbook to investors can study, follow.

Real Estate Market

Apartment management problem

I realize that this kind of training does not go much to solve the problem of investing in capital to make a profit. Many times the speakers give unrealistic and non-verifiable analyzes and examples.

I feel that the speakers mainly borrow these classes to polish their personal names.” Mr. Pham Duc Huy, BID Group Sales Manager shared with the reporter personal perspective on the class of wealth from real estate.

One more thing to transform other people’s successful experiences into their thinking products also requires a lot of factors, It is possible for this person, the small investment will bring great benefits, but maybe with others, it only creates a huge debt book.

Actually, there are many cases due to impatience, investors have the regret from the real estate investment in a hurry. Perhaps, for aspiring investors, remember the saying: “To be successful, you must prepare the heart for a heavy failure.”

“In my opinion, in order to succeed in real estate business, there are the following factors: Always focus on the important things in investing, always learn the experience, the secret of other investors.

One more thing, have failed and succeeded, have the skills to analyze risk prevention, select good products and know the opportunities, have the ability to raise capital and valuation of real estate, a representative of Hanoi Infrastructure Investment and Architecture Joint Stock Company (Hateco) shared.

Real estate is the land of many billionaires, but also the field of footprints failed many people. For investors, taking courses is a good thing, showing that the profession is gradually forming.

However, more than anyone else, it is the investors themselves that realize that making money from real estate is not as easy as advertising, the choice of quality classes, self-empowerment will be essential if you want to achieve growth goals.

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