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Get Together To Take Beautiful Photos In Novaland

take beautiful photos in Novaland

 As part of the activities to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Novaland Group, the Novaland Photo Contest – For the brightest of life with a total value of VND190 million has been attracting a lot of attention of the residents and the community of photography enthusiasts.

High awards, large-scale

Currently, the organizers are still receiving photos at Just take pictures of topics related to Novaland such as handed works, projects are under construction, live moments … and registered on the program website, the candidates have the opportunity to win two first prize up to VND30 million / prize (01 prizes for residents and 01 prizes for community) and many other attractive prizes.

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take beautiful photos in Novaland
A member of Ho Chi Minh City Photographic Association is working at Lakeview City, District 2

Nguyen Quoc Dung, a member of Ho Chi Minh City’s Association of Photographers, is excited: “Novaland’s buildings are very large and have very high towers. The picture shows the majestic and grandeur of the building, just to show the lines and the art. I will invest more time hunting at different times of the day and using the flycam to exploit more angles from above. “

Judge “open eyelid” how to take high-resolution photos

According to Ly Hoang Long – President of Vietnam Photographers Association, the judges of the contest – to win high prizes in the competition, the following points should be noted:

– With photographs of the architecture: photos need to ensure depth, avoid too many spill perspective

– With panoramic view: the most beautiful light is the light (dawn or sunset of the day), candidates need to move around to have many different angles, 45 degrees position will create blocks of work Better positioning visually.

take beautiful photos in Novaland
Professional photojournalists hunt for panoramas thanks to the “terrible”

– If you want to show the night scene, candidates should choose at dusk when the city just lights up but the sky is still green.

– In order for the photo to be judged highly, contestants need to focus on the novelty, the message of the photograph and the shooting technique.

For residents, not everyone is equipped with professional cameras, but with the advantage of the home, Novaland residents are also very actively participate in the contest with pictures of the interior and beautiful moments. in the price of living. The photos are true feelings are also judged by the judges very high and have a first prize of VND30 million dedicated to winning residents.

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take beautiful photos in Novaland
Residents of Novaland are also unmatched by the magnificent moments in the Novaland home

Easy registration, high reward; website will continue to receive the picture until the end of August 15. The top 50 photos from the contestants will be selected to compete in the online poll from 26-8 to 10-9.

Novice photo registration at Novaland:

In order to support the contestants to work and create the best angles, the organizers will support the contestants to take pictures of the Novaland projects. Candidates only need to select the photo schedule and register the information before 02 days here.

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