Get Your Life In The Empire City Apartment

If you ever ask yourself “Who would be able to experience life at Empire City Apartments?”, then perhaps this article will make you enjoy. It’s great that you are interested in Empire City and wondering about the people who will live there, as they may be your future neighbors.

  1. Who can experience life at the Empire City Apartments?

Empire City Apartments is a luxury apartment complex located in the Empire City complex (called De Vuong City in Vietnamese). This is an apartment designed very unique architecture style European style resort, overlooking the Saigon River clean and fresh air. The project is located at 2B Thu Thiem New Urban Area (planned to become the new commercial financial center of Ho Chi Minh City, surpassing the current District 1).

In this project, there is an impressive 86-storey tower (expected to be the tallest observatory in Vietnam, surpassing the 72-storey building in Hanoi). In addition, in the Empire City Apartments there are many main categories of shopping complexes including services, 5-6 star hotels and offices, underground parking, walking street, promo head of center.

Because of such a large scale, this project focuses on the middle-class customer segment, with apartment prices at a relatively high level compared to popular projects. Those who have better conditions, the desire to live in a convenient and natural environment are those who should experience life in the Empire City Apartments.

  1. The Future of Empire City Apartments – A civilized knowledge community:

As has been said, the future inhabitants of Empire City Apartments are middle-class and upper-class. So, this place will be a very civilized intellectual community, while living here you will not have to worry about neighbors friction or social evils, you also do not have to worry about the other Difference between the economic conditions of each family that arise hysteria.

Your child when living in such an environment will develop better, not infected with bad habits and also do not have to witness the scene is not good. This is indeed a special benefit that few apartment projects dare to guarantee this.

People say, “Sell far brothers, buy close neighbors” so you can be sure of living with your family, relatives, intellectual neighbors, and civilized people. Not only that, you will also enjoy a resort environment that is right between the bustling Saigon nightlife.

In the comfort of the apartment, of course, because the view of the river is extremely romantic and the interior is super-shabby, you will find yourself in a paradise filled with sunshine and breeze. On the outside of the apartment, on the Empire City campus, you will also be satisfied by beautiful green scenery, fully equipped 5-star standard. You do not have to go far to experience any service, as there is nothing missing here. It is necessary to exercise with a clear runway, luxurious gym room; need to buy something, supermarkets always flooded with food to ensure hygiene; need to have something, beauty Spa, hair salon … serve to take place. In general, you need something that will be there, nothing to move to under sunshine, wind and traffic.

Such a lifestyle, indeed, is the dream of many people.

Empire City

Empire City residents living in Thu Thiem Square

  1. Buying an Empire City Apartment right now for a chance to own a home in the desired location:

In order to own an Empire City Apartment in the desired location, please and enjoy the hobby, you should plan to place reservations and pre-order.

Only less than 10 days is the Empire City Apartments will officially open the first sale. However, from now on, you have to book before you can attend this opening, as this is an internal sale, not openly outside, only for those who have booked.

It can be said that the project was offered on December 10th 2016 and also was the last sale in 2016, the priority for special customers. If you are really interested in or need to find out more about Empire City Apartments, pick up our contact us today. We will advise, guide you all issues related to the project, and commit to take beautiful place for you.

Do not worry about anything before you know clearly about Empire City Apartments. Do not lose the opportunity to find a place to live in a dream, which many people wish but cannot touch!

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