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There is a gift of bold flavor of Da Nang beach – Nam O fish sauce

The taste and color of the Nam O fish sauce

Not widely known as Phu Quoc fish sauce or some other type of fish sauce that everyone knows the name, but Nam O Da Nang also cleverly captured the trust and fondness of the gourmets and people have been at least once enjoy it.

This is also a specialty of Danang often chosen by visitors as gifts for relatives and family.

Why is it called Nam O?

The name of this product is attached to the place where it was born and formed – Nam O Village, a small fishing village at the mouth of the Thu Tu River. Peaceful village located at the foot of Hai Van pass has a history of more than hundred years with the people alike, the quality of this place has rivers, sea, leaning on the majestic mountains. The place and nature here together with people created a specialty here: Nam O fish sauce Nam O. From then on, the name and the brand of Nam O fish sauce came into human hearts from taste to its qualities.

Nam O fish sauce
Nam O fish sauce is a special type of fish sauce of Nam O Dan area Nam O fish sauce is special

Nam o fishsauce from its ingredients to the flavor of the product.

Ingredients to make Nam O fish sauce are the charcoal fish caught directly in the Danang sea or in the calm area in Nam O. The fish chosen to make fish sauce must be fresh fish selected from the new boat landing. Fish to marinate fish must be large salt produced from the famous sea areas such as Sa Huynh, Ca Na to Get the best taste of this product. The salt is exposed for 3 to 5 days so that the most suitable level to marinate the fish makes the best product for the oven. Normally, the whole year, the people here have to produce a sauce to ensure the excellent quality of this product.

The taste and color of the Nam O fish sauce
The taste and color of the Nam O fish sauce prepared to the diner must have a characteristic scent

The way to make this product is also sophisticated and has its very own requirements to produce the best product. Newly arrived fish will be picked up in the jumbo jars that have been grafted by a pitcher, broom at the bottom of the jar. Each jar contains an average of several hundred kilograms of fish a year to one and a half years to obtain 150 liters of fish sauce grade 1.

The taste and color of the Nam O fish sauce prepared to the diner must have a characteristic scent, the salty taste of sea salt, the sun and the wind of the sea. When the bottle is opened to scent spread all over the region, bold, salty sour sauce is the original Nam O sewer. Customers can also identify Nam O fish sauce through the fish sauce. The appearance of fish sauce is dark red as cockroaches, waves.

People have used what to think about the specialty of this Danang

Nam O is not the kind of sauce that is well known, but for those who once tried it would surely want to enjoy it many more times.

In the past, Nam O fish sauce was recognized as a famous brand throughout the region and is only intended to tribute to the king. With more than 100 years of age enough to many people are immersed in the sauce of this place. Many people enjoy this sauce have the same comment is Nam O aromatic sauce, rich flavor, wave color beautifully stimulate the taste.

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Homemade mothers or kitchen stools just cleverly combine Nam O sauce to make scent food or, for example, Danang’s specialties are certainly not missing the presence of Nam O sauce. Quang noodles, pork rolls, noodle noodles, etc. contributes to the attraction of Danang cuisine. I do not know how people are like, but when I see the steps to make each dip of Nam O, then the simple thought that the effort of the people of this sea I just want a bowl of rice. Eat well enough to see the taste of that juice. More sophisticated can mix with a little chili garlic, add a little bit of main noodles to the pork rolls wrapped with pork and vegetable raw vegetables or dots with cranberry or rice cake rolls are really good.

Many people when traveling to danang and go to Nam O Nam Nam is a gift sent to relatives and family. Fish sauce is bottled in 2 different sizes, large and small. You can choose for yourself a size suitable for shopping and using.

And do not forget to take a note of this great gift to avoid missing it when choosing gifts for your family.

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