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The Golden benefits you received when owning FLC Ha Long project

FLC to ring new resort trend to ha long

Popular tourist destination in Vietnam is now becoming the destination of real estate investors. In particular, the beach city of Quang Ninh with the project FLC Ha Long luxury is  located in Van Nghe hill. It is considered one of the precious gems attracted by many investors.

FLC Ha Long has the benefit of owning a central location

Located at the 96th column of one of the most beautiful hills of Ha Long Bay, this resort is located at an altitude of up to 100m above sea level so it offers a very nice view of the sea. . Standing at any location in the project, the owner and the customer also collect natural wonders at eye level, enjoy the breeze and relax.

FLC to ring new resort trend to ha long
FLC Ha Long has the benefit of owning a central location

It is not only convenient for sightseeing, but the Ha Long FLC also connects the area quickly thanks to the central location of Ha Long. Just a few minutes drive to the administrative center, tourist attractions, commercial areas, accommodation without any obstacles.

Benefits for investment and convalescence in Ha Long FLC project

Designed by FLC group owner on a land area of ​​1.7 hectares and built to a height of 21 floors and a basement, the FLC Ha Long Resort brings to the market 574 units Hotel rooms are 5 star international standards. Here, the apartment FLC Ha Long hotel is arranged with the same type of flexible area from 44sqm to 853sqm should meet all the needs of domestic and international customers. If you want to see the bay, golf course at close range, you can choose the apartment on the 4th to the 12th floor. If you want to see the entire bay, you are in the 13th to the 16th floor. If you want to own luxury, unique and classy accommodation here with private pool, you should choose the Presidential Suite at the top or the ultra-modern 400sqm peanthouse and luxurious.

In addition to the impressive and unique design, the FLC Ha Long Resort project is also serving the clients with a system of 30 utilities, extremely spectacular and in which the most prominent is the tank heated indoor swimming pool up to 1000sqm, outdoor infinity swimming pool up to 2000sqm, international conference center, 4 spa facilities with capacity up to 2000 guests …

In addition to the benefits of condominiums, you can enjoy the benefits of investing in the luxurious Ha Long FLC resort project such as a commitment to a rental income of up to 12% year in 8 years, share 85% profit, get many attractive incentives from the bank as well as investors of FLC Group.

Therefore, according to the analysis above, investing in Ha Long FLC is an effective investment channel for investors.

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