Golden Opportunity For 1 Billion Projects To Come Out

At the end of the year, many apartment projects were launched to the market with quite diversified apartment segment recognition. In particular, apartment prices range from 1.5-2 billion quite a lot.

However, the golden opportunity for apartments priced at over 1 billion offered for sale, because demand for housing at the end of the year increased rapidly and customers are still mainly interested in this segment.

Golden opportunity

Many reasons for economic experts to from now until the end of 2017 is the golden opportunity for housing projects about 1 billion contracted goods. In Ho Chi Minh City, housing demand has never been hot in any segment. Especially, the apartments cost about 1 billion is always rare and is within the reach of millions of people are in need of housing. The reason that comes from the supply of flats is currently less than 20% of real demand and many investors are not interested in this segment because the rate of profit is low.

With the current average income, apartment about 1 billion is highly liquid because of the ability of many people. According to experts, those with the highest demand and affordability are young families who have worked for a few years and have a certain accumulation. And the apartments cost about 1 billion is best suited to their needs.

In addition, in order to solve the housing demand for immigrants, the State encourages banks to support home loans. For example, the Marina Tower project in North Saigon or the Saigon Intela project in Saigon South is supported by VietinBank with a maximum loan of 70%, a loan term of 20 years. This helps homebuyers have a long way to pay and by the same salary office can also buy a house through the support of the bank.

The reasonable time to invest for a settlement

As near the end of the year, people want to find for themselves safe investment channels as well as accumulate the money earned. Therefore, the launch of affordable apartment projects will help investors and people with the need to easily catch demand waves, promote successful transactions. Expansion projects are usually located in the East and South. Of which, the South occupies about 50% of apartments launched at the end of the year. However, the popular price is from 1.8 to 2.5 billion VND. Apartment segment under 1.5 billion is quite rare.

Golden opportunity projects 1 billion

Apartment price of about 1 billion is always rare and is within the reach of millions of people

Most recently, LDG Group is one of the rare enterprises to introduce the project apartment price of 1 billion per unit. With 1,068 apartments, smart apartments along the Saigon River in Saigon South partly helped cool thirsty apartments in the middle of the population in the most populous city in the country. This is also a pioneer unit of the intelligent apartment located along the riverside standard 6 smarts, bringing 8 different than other apartments in the same segment of the market.

According to information from this unit, the price of 990 million dongs/unit at the Saigon Intela project is offered to the market, including immediately give customers smart bedroom with the cabinet system and mobile walls with the intelligent power supply system. Besides, at this price, the owner also equipped with the wooden door with the finger lock door for the same segment. In addition, customers who buy apartments here are also offered kitchen cabinets on top and bottom of the kitchen and wooden floor in the bedroom.

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