Good Ways To Help You Save The Tree Dying

When you plant your own plants, you will feel very sad when they wither. However, you can still save them.

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You can salvage the plants with the following tips:

  1. Replace the new pots

You can make a big difference when you move a slender stone plant to a new one. Sometimes stunted and weak by the pot is too small, not enough to provide nutrients for the plant. You should choose new pots that are about 10-15 cm larger than the old.

Tips to save the tree is dying


  1. Replace more nutritious soil

After planting some time, the soil will no longer be fertile. You need to replace the soil with new husk, coconut fiber (for a soil to foam), cow dung … You note not too much fertilizer, especially the chemical fertilizers, will cause soil degradation.

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Tips to save the tree is dying

Indoor plants also occasionally need to be exposed to the sun

  1. Plant in the sun

Trees long in the home will be susceptible to yellowing of leaves, retardation. Therefore, you should let the plants out or window sills. Take note, do not leave the plant exposed to the sun all day but let the tree exposure to sunlight gradually.

  1. Do not over water

The hard work of the garden owner can also harm the plant. You need to find out about the family tree to water properly. In addition, you need to buy pots, pots with drainage holes, avoid waterlogging when missed too much water or long rain.

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  1. Pest control

There are many pests that you can hardly identify because they do not appear on leaves, branches. When plants are weak, leaves are yellowed, fallen … you need to consult experienced gardeners. You can make pesticides from white wine mixed with chili, ginger and garlic.

  1. Provide more moisture

Some plants need more moisture than usual. Therefore, it is not uncommon for plants to wither when living in air-conditioned rooms or outdoors. You can save the tree by using a plastic bag on top of the tree for 4-5 days.

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