GP.Invest: From non-headquarters to the top 500 largest private firms

After 10 years of building and developing, Global Real Estate Investment JSC (GP.Invest) has become one of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam.

Starting from the number 0: no office, no facilities, no projects, no work, but with determination and effort, GP.Invest has not stopped chnaging through each month.

GP.Invest has made impressive progress in the past 10 years with the series of projects are well appreciatedFrom its initial assets of VND65 billion, GP.Invest has become one of the most prestigious real estate brands in the market with total assets of more than VND2,000 billion. 10 – 36% per year and was ranked VN News Top 500 largest Private Enterprise in Vietnam.

With the motto of making sure that, progress and quality must put on top, all projects such as GPI Building at 170 La Thanh (with total 323 apartments), Nam Do Complex at 609 Truong Dinh (with total 863 units) and Trang An Complex at No. 1 Phung Chi Kien (with a total of 878 apartments) are completed before the schedule with guaranteed quality and sold out.

Nguyen An Ha, vice chairman of the Vietnam Real Estate Association, said Trang An Complex was evaluated by the Association as one of the typical buildings for real estate business in the period 2015-2016. “This is also a project that meets the progress of commitment to home buyers, a rare case in the real estate market today.” We appreciate the career as well as the effort of investors for this work, “he said.

Trang An complex project

Trang An complex project is highly appreciated in the real estate market in Hanoi

Sharing the success of GP.Invest, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep – Chairman of the Board, said the key to success of the company lies in the team of people with the will and the right direction, know their power.

“I always say to you if you have to bear 50kg, only burden 40-45 kg.After the completion of 170 La Thanh, if we make a lot of projects, then the crisis 2012 – 2013 full What accumulation will be evaporated so GP.Invest always cautious, sure, definitely do come there December 12/2011 La Thanh finished in June 2012 new foundation for Nam Do Complex Nam Do Complex will be handed over at the end of 2014 to build Trang An pile, which is in line with our capacity and capacity in management, finance and human resources, “said Hiep.

The Chairman of GP.Invest also expressed heart: Making real estate is to make a hundred of them. Sometimes we also receive feedback from customers. But GP.Invest absolutely does not approach in that direction is positive or negative, but always think that it is the contribution of customers to make the project, the company becomes stronger.

“If it’s a technical problem, it’s GP.Invest’s responsibility, and we’re ready to deal with it, and if that’s the case, we’ll try our best to harmonize the benefits.” We conceive of quality after-sales service is a very important factor, not to finish the house GP.Invets always accompanied, shared with their residents.As in Trang An, We are willing to spend $ 12 billion to renovate our garden, hire a Japanese expert with a salary of $ 6,000 a month just to train the staff of the management unit to be more polite and professional. “

In the next stage, GP.Invest will continue to implement the projects of low-rise building at 67A Truong Dinh, West-South urban area of ​​Viet Tri city, apartment project at 9 Pham Van Copper…

GP.Invest’s strategic objective until 2020 is to diversify its business activities, expand its domestic and international markets. However, GP.Invest will perform reasonable investment phases on a periodic basis to ensure sustainable development, stability and suitability with the Company’s financial capability. At the same time consistent motto “Competition by product quality, by the difference and put customers interests on the top.”

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