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Great benefits for investors in Swan Bay

Overview of the project

Swan Bay urban area project is one of the big projects that many people are looking for, not only because it is a real estate product but also because of the many incentive programs offered by the owner.

Perfect service of Swan Park Dong Nai
Great incentives for investors in Swan Bay

Swan Bay Dai Phuoc from its launch to the present has never been “hot”, however, the project owner is still very strong when spending a lot of money for the program incentives, Estimated total value of gifts up to VND12 billion. In particular, depending on the product investment customers that value different gifts, such as: for new buyers buy townhouses receive gifts worth VND20 million, duplex villas receive gifts worth VND45 million, Single-value villas offer up to VND65 million, special gifts for referrals are also equivalent.

However, this program is only applied from Nov 23 to December 20 2017 for those who have paid the first full value of the house, signed a deposit agreement, will receive gifts in two forms: The first is discounted directly to the price, or voucher with the same value as above. With the introduction of the condition is also a product owner at Swancity project.

Promotions for customers
Promotions for customers

In addition, when the customer signs the purchase order confirmation and pays 100 million for other types of house from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017, or guests buy a new palm house during the period They also have the opportunity to receive the following incentives:

– Offer 1: get macbook, apple watch, ipad, … for all customers buy house in Swan Bay

– Offer 2: area discount for customers living or having property in Q2, Q9, Q7, Dong Nai. The discount rate is 1% for the purchase price minus directly to the price without VAT.

– Offer 3: Only apply for the purchase of duplex villas, single-family villas:

+ Discount 1% for 2 guests

+ Discount 1.5% for 3-4 guests

+ Discount 2% for 5-6 guests

In addition, when buying apartments in Swan Bay, customers also have the opportunity to participate in lucky draw programs such as Iphone 8, Gold, … This program is held once every two weeks at the Ham Nghi Sale Gallery. In this program, each customer has the opportunity to participate once, and only for successful transactions within 14 days before the event. Old customers also have the opportunity to participate in the next batch.

Overview of the project

A number of incentive programs have been launched in the Swan Bay urban area. You can also participate in this project. So what did you know about this project? Let’s take a look at the main features of this project!

Overview of the project
Swan Bay Project Overview

If Dong Nai has emerged as the name of Swan Park, recently in Saigon East has emerged as Swan Bay, partly because of the great policies and incentives that we have spoken through. in the above section. But perhaps when you come to Swan Bay, things get even more astonished by the size and grandeur of this project.

~~>>Update on new information on the real estate news in Vietnam here: Vietnam real estate news

The Swan Bay urban area project was built on a 200ha land bank, which, according to the initial announcement, will provide 396 flats for the first phase of the project, of which 21 flats river, 61 riverside villas, landscape villas, 184 twin villas, 130 townhouses. Comes with a wide range of interior items such as:

+ International school system with full level of education

+ 18 hole modern golf course

+ Luxury five-star marina

+ Outdoor wedding area

+ Walking trails and riverside park combined with a 50m long swimming pool meeting international standards

+ Modern international hospital

+ Outdoor and indoor sports center

+ Playground for children, BBQ area

+ Shopping centers, supermarkets and large chain stores

Here are some key features as well as great incentives of this Swan Bay project, hopefully this article will provide you with useful information. Any questions please contact the hotline for more specific advice!

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