The great thing that Charmington Iris brings to the customer

It seems that each project’s name has some meanings, and the Charmington Iris project has a very interesting meaning.

Charmington Iris Apartments is a continuation of a series of successful Sabeco HP projects, such as Jamona Home Resort in Thu Duc, Jamon Golden Silk in District 7 or Charmington La Ponit in District 10. Located at 76 Ton That Thuyet, Ward 18, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, the apartment provides the residents with a convenient transportation system to move to nearby districts with time. It is very short, does not take too much time of residents, the residents also enjoy a range of facilities that District 4 bring and enjoy a very ideal space people want to get.

Charmington Iris

A glimpse of shimmering beauty at Charmington Iris

Meaning of the name and overview of the Charmington Iris apartment project.

Iris is the name of a Greek goddess, in addition to it also means the Devil Flower – this is a flower is mentioned is a flower brings good points, good luck, Passion. This is also the meaning that the owner wants to bring to the customer, this is Sabeco HP concluded and created an apartment complex full of elements like the name of it Charmington Iris.

Charmington Iris is a project invested and built by Sabeco HP Ltd. together with the Sacomreal project developer and consulted by Vietnam Construction Consultant Joint Stock Company. The project is located at 76 Ton That Thuyet, Ward 16, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. The project is an apartment building with a total area of ​​16,645.3 sqm in which construction density is 32.81%. The apartment building is 35 floors high and 1 basement, the total number of apartments here is 1438 and 14 houses.

Charmington Iris Apartment

Charmington Iris gives customers the impression at first sight

The apartment is designed according to the shape of the land, is located waistline along the reserve road and Ton That Thuyet investors want to make full use of the view from the apartment.

In particular, Charmington Iris apartment is located next to Saigon River, Kenh Te and green park with rich landscape to bring customers a comfortable space, blending with nature creates a fresh, cool atmosphere for the people here.

District 4 – Charmington Iris holds the position that many investors want.

The Charmington Iris Apartments are easily accessible to surrounding areas without the need to spend too much time, especially as people will not have to worry about traffic jams. The apartment is only 5 minutes away from the center of District 1, located quite close to the key district, crowded in the city. In addition, the Charmington apartment also inherits a lot of utility around District 4 such as the education system of universities and high schools; major financial and commercial centers; hospital; amusement parks,…

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Particularly, the location in district 4 brings many benefits to customers in the near future. Because District 4 is not only a place for economic development of the region, it has convenient transportation infrastructure, which in the nearest future will become the green lung of the whole city. The park has many styles and culture with many green parks in the area such as Cu Lao Nguyen Kao park with the width of 2.7 hectares; 17.6 hectares of Ho Khanh Hoi Park or park along the Ben Nghe Canal will be improved by the canals being greened daily. This place will become more prosperous and sustainable development in the near future.

Location of Charmington Iris

Charmington Iris owns a prime location that offers many benefits to its residents

Convenience for customers around Charmington Iris District 4.

By the way, along the Saigon River, Kenh Te and many large green parks around the apartment, gives Charmington Iris a cool, fresh living space bringing to the ideal living environment that many people would like to have.

With a construction density of 32.8% and located next to the cool blue river bring fresh space to the people. In addition, residents will enjoy a range of 5-star facilities such as 5-storey commercial center in the apartment, swimming pool, post office area public telephone, public area Large, lively green with many natural scenery around.

With a construction density of only 40%, the cool river brings fresh air next to the luxury facilities, 5 storey commercial center, large green park, overflowing swimming pool, public telephone post office area. In the space of green trees, gardens are arranged architectural points are lakes, levels on the way to create lively and rich landscape.

Not only economic development and transportation, District 4 in the future will also be a “green lung” of the city, bold culture in the South when many parks are renovated and planned side. The channels are green every day.

Facilities of Charmington Iris

Charmington Iris owns unique, distinctive internal amenities

With many advantages excelling from the location as well as the amenities in the apartment as well as the modern services around the apartment. This place will be the place to bring the most comfortable life to people like its name – Charmington Iris.

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