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Great Values At Millennium Masteri Apartment

Following the success of Masteri M One (District 7) and Thao Dien (District 2) projects, An Duong Thao Dien Investment Joint Stock Company has implemented the Millennium Masteri apartment project in the heart of District 4. Together with the advantage of a prestige brand named Masteri, the prime location (at 132 on Ben Van Don street frontage, Ward 6, District 4, HCMC) and the development on a large scale equipped with convenient services, facilities and synchronous infrastructure, Millennium apartment District 4 promises to bring to the property market opportunities of attractive investment and high-quality housing products.

Millennium is the third product line of the high-end real estate brand Masteri, therefore, it is a project that is appreciated by real estate professionals and is in favour with the majority of guests. Although it has not officially opened, in early July 2016 Millennium apartment project actually created a strange wind in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in general and which in District 4 in particular. Staying in Millennium, you will spend all your time on taking care of yourself, your family and enjoying life.

8 great values Millennium Masteri Apartment bring to its customers

Millennium apartment
Owning a high value gold location right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, connecting to District 1, District 7, District 3, District 5 only 5 minutes ..
  1. Owning the high value and prime location right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City; only 5 minutes away from District 1, District 7, District 3 or District 5
  2. Being adjacent to financial center “Wall Street Vietnam” which is the most crowded place in Saigon
  3. Owing stylish, modern and high-class design
  4. Having competitive price swing
  5. Owing unlimited views that overlook downtown and Saigon River.
  6. Using smart apartment design with optimal utilization of space.
  7. Being equipped high-end interiors and a great private space.
  8. Being sponsored by Techcombank. A team of developers includes premium brands to ensure that you have the perfect choice: TECHCOMBANK, COTECCONS, VINGROUP, SAVILLS, PTW

High-quality and diverse facilities in Millennium Apartment Project District 4

Millennium apartment
The multi-purpose Millennium apartment project: modern commercial center, high class gym, modern swimming pool, high class restaurants, outdoor play area .

Diverse facilities is equipped in Millennium apartment project: modern commercial centers, high-class gyms, modern swimming pools, high-class restaurants, outdoor play areas, etc.

– The lake offers views that are close to nature.

– Garden is placed on the large precinct.

– Gyms are equipped with full of modern equipment.

– Swimming pools are built in international standard.

– Outdoor BBQ makes it easy to party with friends and family.

– The spacious outdoor relaxation brings comfort to customers

– Quiet room with a clear view, you can enjoy the beauty of the city’s nightlife.

– Children’s play areas help meet the needs of children’s outdoor activities

– A entrance is designed with a modern style.

– Drawing rooms are spacious.

– It has outdoor parking.

The trees planted around the precinct, the lake and the waterfall give its customers the comfort of being in harmony with nature.

Differences to creat high-class Masteri at Millennium Apartment Project

Millennium apartment
The Millennium project in District 4 is equipped with modern furniture

– Difference because of the commitment of the prestige property brand Masteri and the cooperation with Techcombank that is the guarantee of safety for customers

– Difference in its prime location that next to “Wall Street Saigon”

– Different in its the delicate, luxurious, modern and unique design

– Difference in modern standards of living and international standards of facilities and services

– Difference in the design of smart apartments & utilizing the optimal area

– Difference by the degree of perfection in finishing products

The perfection in every detail to each apartment Masteri District 4

Millennium apartment
Phối cảnh dự án căn hộ Millennium quận 4 của chủ đầu tư Thảo Điền Investment

All Millennium apartments after completing both interior and works will be handed over by investor Thao Dien Investment. All apartments serving to customers are 5-star standard hotel designed the furniture as follows:

– Anti-theft door for the apartment entrance & Video-call security will absolutely protect the apartment.

– Floor, ceiling, wall are completed

– The kitchen is equipped with full of equipment including kitchen cabinets and full associated equipment.

– air conditioning system is equipped for the whole apartment

– The modern bathroom interior system is completed with exquisite furnishings that give customers the feeling of staying at a 5-star hotel.

– Balconies are design with glass.

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Great Values At Millennium Masteri Apartment

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