Green living environment, the leading utility chain of south gate tower

South Gate Tower District 7 apartment is invested by the owner with a green living environment, together with the service leading line leading to quality life for all residents.

Investors in real estate projects often focus on factors such as green living space; high-end service utilities. Because only when there is a living space green, comfortable with modern utilities chain, new customers have a perfect life. And the investor of South Gate Tower Apartment District 7 is no exception. The investor with the desire to bring a life in the project has built a living with all the advanced facilities, the project is full of the following:

The aerial swimming pool

The aerial swimming pool – the facility helps the residents of the project to see the panorama of Saigon prosperity

+ Create a green living space when there are many green trees aimed at creating a fresh atmosphere of the project. This is the ideal factor to relax the body, stress the ideal. And the South Gate Tower project has become more attractive than other high-end condominium projects around because of the fresh air, creating a space close to the residents.

+ The service area within the area, outside the class of the project has created many choices for residents living here when they need. Utilities in the South Gate Tower project are equipped with a number of utilities both locally and externally. This outdoor utility line has been extremely diverse, high-end. This has made the South Gate Tower project more prominent than previous projects in District 7.

Service area within the area, outside the class of the project

Service area within the area, outside the class of the project

In addition to these factors, the project has many reasons to persuade us to own the most worthwhile apartment. Because the project has elements of security, location location, ability to connect traffic; A prestigious investor…

South Gate Tower apartment project

South Gate Tower is located in the heart of District 7, located in Binh Thuan ward – District 7, located in Phu My Hung urban area. Thanks to its location right in the heart of District 7, it should be surrounded by many other outlying areas, including many commercial centers; shopping centers; hospital; schools, banks, restaurants, luxury restaurants in succession … All of these facilities surround the project area of ​​the South Gate Tower.

In addition to the facilities mentioned above, the project is also attracting investors to build more utilities in the area. Project as a resort or a five star hotel by what the building gives residents when buying a home on this project.

Estimated selling price of the project

Estimated selling price of the project is competitive compared to other projects in the same segment, same segment

In the interior of the project South Gate Tower, the investor has the space to build the park area; Children’s recreation area for children’s parents in the building without having to go far, just a step away from the house is a series of utilities to serve the need for fun. every inhabitant, every object.

If you are a swimmer, you can enjoy the fresh water of the swimming pool right in front of the project to exercise. Or you can go to the gym where is equipped with modern equipment, high level for you to exercise. The restaurant system with many delicious dishes right in the project to ensure the needs of customers, served the most dedicated.

It can be seen that, with many outstanding advantages as mentioned above and from the inside and outside utility bring the project has satisfied all customers the most difficult, to improve the value of life for people here.

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