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Green revolution and the new trend

the Kenton Node project

 To own a green house is becoming an essential trend for people to satisfy the demand of being closer to the nature. More and more people buy houses in the environmentally-friendly project.

Green Revolution is not only trees.

“Green Revolution” is not only launched in the world, it is now an essential trend in Vietnam.

However, living a green life is not just growing a lot of trees. Being questioned by USA Green Building Council – USGBC, the green buildings are the ones which have high effectiveness in using energy and materials, reducing bad effects to the environment and are designed to minimize the harm caused by building environment to people’s health and natural environment.

From 2015, the new buildings have to obey the new Law of environment that the roofs are partly covered by trees or solar panels. The green roofs can be the insultation, reducing the level of necessary energy to heat and get cool.

The sustained green buildings by these criteria are very popular in Germany and Australia. In 2009, Canada’s city – Toronto also passed a local Law, requesting green roofs in industrial buildings and in resident areas.

Interlace apartment, Singapore is also a one of the typical buildings of the world green revolution. Designed by a German architect, Ole Scheeren, Interlace demolished the model of the common apartment. It is close to nature with a lot of gardens among buildings and an Olympic-standard swimming pool.

Located in Turin, Italy, as a house on the tree the building 25 Verde owns an environmentally-friendly design. The apartment has 5 floors and 63 rooms with the highlight of trees surrounding. People living here are responsible for looking after these trees. Not only trees, the materials used are also environmentally-friendly.

With 77 percent for green house area, thoroughly using the eco-system and plans against climate change, Kenton Node- apartment group, V.I.P hotel favorably located on the façade of Nguyen Huu Tho street- is becoming a typical standard for Vietnam green Revolution.

Sustained development is a core value

Kenton Node is designed under the criteria respecting the green environment and optimizing some natural factors like wind and light, which helps people enjoy the nature. The investors prioritize 77 percent of area for green space with swimming pools, lazy rivers and harmony green part. Building occupies only 23 percent, which helps people enjoy the fresh air in their own house without leaving for resort.

Beside green living space with resort standard, Kenton Node brings a summit entertainment world meeting all the demand of food, shopping and game.

With the favorable location abutting onto two sides of Nha Be-Rach Dia, Kenton Node is being developed to a 4-star complex with Vietnam’s first hanging theater, Vietnam’s leading water music show, Vietnam’s longest walking street along river, 5-star hotels and marinas.

Kenton Note sets the goal creating social values to build civilization community. As a green destination where people immerse in nature, Kenton Node is a pioneer model for “Green Revolution” in house building in Vietnam.

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