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Ground Floor, Townhouse ” Is Attracting” Customers

Land prices from VND300-400 million and townhouses around VND500-600 million in the area near the city are creating a certain attraction in recent times.

According to many economic experts, the current popular investment channels such as gold, foreign currency, savings or real estate (real estate) … real estate investment channel is expected to be the most effective investment channel in this 2016.

And not only many investors invest money in real estate but also small investors looking for opportunities when investing in land and townhouse is conveniently located near the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

Reasonable investment channel

Explaining why real estate is still an effective investment channel, economic experts said that in 2016, the gold and securities market will be more volatile, in time if a gold investment is very sensitive, investment securities unstable. Meanwhile, real estate is considered as the most sustainable and long-term investment channel.

Le Hoang Chau, chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association (HoREA), said that the real estate market recovered stably due to the openness of macro policies such as changes in the Housing Law and the Real Estate Business Law. , Regulations bank guarantee for home buyers … In the segment of real estate has a great development of the land segment.

Ground floor, townhouse "are attracting" customers
Urban area adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City attracts visitors

According to Savills Vietnam, total land area transactions will increase 64% in 2016. Due to the real demand and habits of buying land as a cumulative asset of the majority of people in Vietnam, has increased the value Real estate with time, and many flexible payment policies help this investment channel is highly liquid. The buyer not only owns the investment but also satisfies when he owns a valuable asset.

According to experts, the land adjacent satellite areas of Ho Chi Minh City will be the choice of many investors and the majority of buyers to stay. The reason is that the land in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City such as Nha Be, Binh Chanh, … prices are not cheap anymore, while many sparsely populated areas, lack of synchronous transportation system, utilities The service is not yet fully formed.

On the contrary, land and townhouses in satellite areas have quite attractive prices, with only 300 – 500 million people can own a land in urban areas with traffic connection.Therefore, the profitability of investors is becoming more realistic. This creates a significant competitive advantage for the real estate sector.

Exciting satellite land

Along with the orientation of developing satellite cities around, it is necessary to mention the North West of Ho Chi Minh City, specifically in Duc Hoa, Long An – one of the three golden triangles real estate in the adjacent area of Ho Chi Minh City. (including Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Long An) became the hot spots of real estate investors. Because the price is relatively soft and the infrastructure linking the region with the center of Ho Chi Minh City has been upgraded.

More and more investors poured into this province such as Bella Vista City Urban Area invested by Tran Anh Group with the size of 75 hectares, Ben Luc urban area of Thu Duc Housing Development Corporation with the size of 73.1 hectares, or Five Star Eco City project of international group Five Star is invested with an area of over 200 hectares.

Ground floor, townhouse "are attracting" customers
A land of urban satellite city of HCM only VND 300-400 million, complete house buyers only spend VND 500-600 million

The most recent is the acquisition of 3,734 ha of land in Long An by Van Thinh Phat Group. This shows that Long An real estate is increasingly attractive and will grow stronger.

Most prominent is Cat Tuong Real Estate Joint Stock Company Duc Hoa in the past, with a series of projects such as Cat Tuong Phu Thanh, Cat Tuong Phu Nam, Phu Tu Cat Tuong has made a great resonance at the time of publication to the market and is burning in the opening sessions.

Most recently, the only integrated urban ecotourism project in the North West of HCMC is creating a fever in the market today, Cat Tuong Township Ecotourism & has opened the first phase has attracted more than 1,000 customers attended with 100% of a successful transaction. It can be seen that the attractiveness of the urban ecotourism project combined with ecotourism being enormous.

Duc Hoa Cat Tuong Company announced that in early August 2016 will continue to open sale of Long Phat Commercial Area under the project Cat Tuong Ecotourism – Tourism and Tourism Phu Tu. This sale, Cat Tuong Duc Hoa offered more than 300 products, only from 319 million customers can own a land at the project, flexible payment divided into several installments in 12 months without interest.

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