Groundland Investment Fever In Da Nang 2017

Not a villa resort, or apartment hotel, Danang land is the fever of the property market of Han River now. Planning strategy, expanding urban space, speed up the infrastructure is bringing the land Danang project into a promising investment.

Danang land market welcomes “big wave”

Prospects from land investment market in Da Nang

Compared to other segments such as hotel apartments, villas, land investment in Da Nang 2017 is being actively sought investors.

Many investors are confident in the profit prospects from the land segment. Survey of some ecological urban projects in Da Nang city showed that land prices ranged from over VND 5 million to over VND 15 million per square meter, meaning that only about one-tenth of the cost of buying land in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City is able to own a villa land in the prime location of Danang.

Groundland investment fever in Da Nang 2017

Da Nang land is being attracted investors

Real estate experts also study, affirming the land investment channel in Da Nang is still attractive. Comparative price advantage is not a prerequisite factor for investors to drop capital, but the prospect. On the same price frame, it is also clear that Danang land market prospects are better than other markets such as Nha Trang, and of course larger prospects are synonymous with good price increases, a hybrid will be better.

Land investment in the South Da Nang area flourished

The great advantage of land-based investment in Da Nang is coming to the south. In recent times, the remarkable development, as well as the ability to increase the profit margin, has made South Da Nang, one of the most promising land plots.

Considering the location, South Da Nang feng shui very good, filled with gas, most of the mountain back, facing the river and very close to the sea. Danang transportation system is extremely convenient, 4-5km from Da Nang International Airport; Traffic from the south of the city to Da Nang center or Hoi An by motorbike, car just under 15 minutes.

Groundland investment fever in Da Nang 2017

South Da Nang has feng shui very good, full of gas, most of the mountain back, facing the river and very close to the sea.

Danang is also known as Vietnam’s most livable city. Space is spacious, airy, less flooded in the flood season. A series of modern, civilized cities are being implemented promising an ideal and civilized life.

The planning orientation of the city has also tended to expand to the south, creating a solid tripod of Da Nang-Hoi An – Quang Nam. Plus, the potential for tourism development Da Nang, the big events such as Da Nang Fireworks Festival, APEC … are “helping” the land surface wave Da Nang project rising.

Obviously, this is the golden time for investors to direct capital to Da Nang. It is clear that Da Nang land is a “golden egg” potential development.

Notes when investing land in Da Nang

Da Nang land potential, but remember not all areas are developed and any investor can choose to send gold. Here are some notes that may be helpful:

Learn about Investors: Find investors who have reputable investors, strong financial strength, strong legal certainty, information on investor needs. transparency, publicity, easy to understand and test.

Location of land: the location of Da Nang project land in the city development planning area. Be aware of the potential “real” potential of that location in the future. It can be based on an infrastructure assessment because the principle is always “the infrastructure goes ahead, the project follows.”

Groundland investment fever in Da Nang 2017

It is possible to assess the land potential of Danang based on the assessment of infrastructure.

Infrastructure and Transportation: The project must be located in a convenient location with a central location but far enough away from the noisy, expensive tourist to invest in the landscape, environment and amenities. modern. The project must be close to utility and public services such as people’s markets, hospitals, schools, offices of district People’s Committees.

Da Nang land is a bright spot that investors can not ignore. Land investment in Da Nang is attractive to you? Find out and transfer the capital investment interest in the city of Han River to be ready for the interest project land Da Nang best and perfect.

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