Groundland Segment Is Attracting Buyers

The psychology of investors is very fond of segment land for safety and certainty. In many areas, land prices have increased by 10-30%.

On April 19th, the seminar “Trends to choose real estate in 2017” took place in Ho Chi Minh City. According to TS. Dinh The Hien in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in the first quarter of 2107 in most segments are down compared with the fourth quarter of 2016.

Specifically, the supply of apartments in the first quarter was 7100 apartments, only 42% compared with the fourth quarter of 2016 and mainly in the middle segment, concentrated in the West, South Saigon. Consumption of apartments in the first quarter was only equal to 43% compared with the fourth quarter of 2016. The segment of townhouses and villas has only five new projects while the end of 2016 is 23 projects. Resort projects have two projects, a sharp decrease compared to the end of 2016: 19 projects …

Mr. Hien said that property market in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces in the first months of 2017, the hot spot is the land segment, specifically in District 9 and Nhon Trach. Previously, land prices in the Nhon Trach area only VND2-3 million/sqm, but the recent time can increase to VND8 million/sqm.

Groundland segment is attracting buyers

Land prices in many areas in Ho Chi Minh City has increased from 10-30%

“The psychology of investors is very interested in the land segment for safety and certainty, the land is limited .. these points are attracting many investors,” said Hien.

Commenting on the real estate situation this year, Mr. Hien said that this market will face some difficulties. The time when the real estate market is vibrant is because the State has injected a large amount of money into the market. This year, the state will have no big stimulus package.

Therefore, the real estate market this year has not had many fluctuations but only focused on some projects such as apartments, condominiums … Besides, big investors such as FLC, Novaland, Vingrop… There will be good projects for consumers.

Tran Khanh Quang, General Director of Viet An Hoa Company, said that 2017 is a year of real estate market moving more quality than quantity. Products offered to sell will be less, low price apartments under 1.5 billion is still the choice, 2 billion houses are attracting tourists, the land in the West and South investment will be outstanding profits.

Tran Khanh Quang also said that the land and townhouse is the most popular refuge channel for investors. Although the 2016 land plot has risen to its highest price, it has risen above 50%, but like a spiral, the dominoes of real estate often end up with a majority.

In the East, Vincity has made the land price rise, the construction of houses in the fourth quarter of 2016 soaring, so the price increase is not attractive as 2016, investors are also cautious. However, the investment of built-up townhouses will still attract customers because a series of infrastructure is being completed. Expected land, townhouses will increase 15-20% and the apartment segment is trading level, surfing less attractive in 2017.

Groundland segment is attracting buyers

Ground floor, a townhouse is expected to increase by 10-15%.

In the West, District 12 with gentle features available so difficult mutation. Ground floor, the townhouse is expected to increase by 10-15%. Remain a series of low-income, low-income apartments due to the high population density and large land area, so the demand is still high and the remaining reserve fund for the development of new industrial parks and urban areas. The price of townhouses is estimated to increase by 20 – 30% and apartments by 10-15%.

In the South, in 2017, the number of launches will be quite high along the existing roads such as Nguyen Luong Bang, Nguyen Huu Tho and Nguyen Van Linh. This year, the most vibrant apartment transaction will focus on the South. The land plot in the South is still attractive with expected price increases of 20-25%.

For resort real estate, most investors are committed to profitability for at least three years. And most of the projects are handed over 2017-2018, so resort property is still an investment channel. However, the commitment to profitability may be dislocated, any project is committed even in bad locations or inefficient exploitation and customers are beginning to recognize this so the market will slow down for a certain time of the year.

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