Guide Planning A Home Renovation

Between 1 and 2 months before Tet, many Vietnamese families plan to clean and repair their houses for the new year. However, if you do not grasp the following, it is likely that your home repair work will be difficult.

List the things you need to fix

Before you start repairing, you should identify and plan the areas that need repair most clearly, because if you do not do this you will be in the state of repair rampant, not intended and budget deficit. Anything not included in the list should be removed as it will affect the progress and aesthetics of your home.

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Guide planning a home renovation

You should identify which areas in your home you need to fix. Illustration

Calculate completion time

You should not let water get to your feet and can lead to dirtiness and even no monitoring time. This will directly affect the quality and aesthetics of your home. If your home improvement plan includes many items, you should consult the engineers first and you should plan more time to decorate your home. or to anticipate situations arising during the implementation period.

Guide planning a home renovation

Also, do not miss out on fixing home repair times. Illustration

Cost planning

The end of the year is a time when you have to spend a lot of money in the home, so it is extremely important to plan the cost of repairing your home, especially on the border of material price may increase more suddenly than usual.

Guide planning a home renovation

Estimate to repair costs are also an important step in the repair process.

If you do the repair, you should have a specific analysis, such as answering the following questions: How much floor space will be repaired, what type of brick? and how much per m2? Based on the experience of home repairers and construction design engineers, you should expect a larger budget estimate of around 20%.

Repair service and notes

Many families do not have the time to choose home-stay fixing services because this is the quickest way to get the most out of their care. They only need supervision and do not pay much attention to repair home.

Guide planning a home renovation

Choose the prestigious home repair service

However, many families have fallen into bad jokes when using home repair services right in the construction phase but do not guarantee the quality as the initial commitment, leading to the near Tet status. The house is still not finished, the house is messy. Moreover, some cases of fraud come and receive a deposit, do a few days will no longer see workers work anymore. So you need to find a reputable center.

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Here, Vietnam real estate listed the New Year’s Home Improvement Planning Guide. Hopefully, with this article, you will have the right choice for your family to clear the door to welcome a warm new year in your beloved home.

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