Guide to arrange your furnitures in feng shui when moving to a new home

When moving to a new house or apartment, many people are concerned about how to arrange the furnitures just beautiful feng shui. Let Realestatevietnam find out about this.

In Feng Shui, the proper arrangement or arrangement of furniture is the key to the success of controlling the energy in your home, helping your family members have more luck and more favorable.

In particular, the arrangement of furniture feng shui will not obstruct, prevent or distort the good airflow, facilitate the circulation of air in the house easily.

However, when moving to a new home, especially the arrangement of furniture you do not have enough time and experience to arrange items quickly and feng shui, this can cause photos. Not to mention the air in this new home. So, you need to refer to the know-how, experience below before moving home.

Do not cram your belongings

The first thing to keep in mind when setting up your home is that you do not have too much stuff or furniture in a tight space. Also, according to feng shui, energy needs to be free to move beneath the furniture in the room, so you should stock up on furniture a bit and it’s better to keep them too close to the floor, prevent indoor air circulation. In addition, fixtures should be spaced at a reasonable distance of 0.5 – 1m.

Stuffing can affect your feng shui

Stuffing can affect your feng shui

The position of the furnitures in the house in feng shui

Note the second when arranging furniture in the feng shui that is you should place the table in the living room in the position opposite the main door. In the case of inadequate conditions such as small houses, oddly shaped houses you can overcome by hanging a mirror on the wall so that you can easily see the room when standing in the door position. This will make people feel safer when they just step into the room because the items are in their eyes.

Wall paintings in feng shui

For hanging pictures on the wall, you can put at a reasonable distance, with your eyesight, beside that you need to consider adding “bowl monster” when placing accessories around the ornaments.

The arrangement of furniture and items in your home must also include the elements that make the space more intimate and friendly. This will make people feel more comfortable, especially with airy space will be favorable conditions for the movement of energy in the house.

Living room layout

Living room is the most important part of a home, such as the heart of the family, so you should pay special attention when arranging furniture in the living room to create a relaxed and peaceful space. In order to make room for feng shui, you should not put too much in this room. Also, you should choose items made from soft materials, and the angular furniture should be jail or circular. For narrow and long rooms, you should use a door decorated with round or hexagonal motifs.

Besides, you can also arrange more trees around the objects to attract gas. For large, heavy objects you should place in the corner but should not put close to the wall. You also do not place the item facing the empty wall because it will cause the user to feel restless, restless.

The living room should be neatly arranged, with little furniture and avoid exotic shapes

The living room should be neatly arranged, with little furniture and avoid exotic shapes

Arrange furniture in the dining room

In the dining room, the dining table is the center of the room, so do not put too many items not served for meals such as papers, books, electronics.

In concept, the table will speak about the material life of the owner, when the table cluttered, dusty, your finances also risk the problem. A good wooden table will also reflect the prosperity and prosperity of the homeowners.

The best dining table should be round or oval in shape and suitable for the dining area. Dining table should be designed for sure because if the table is limped, vibrate when used is very good .. Especially, the way of seating around the table is also a factor in the balance of energy in the room, you should note the layout for reasonable and suitable space.

Dining table should be sized to fit the kitchen space

Dining table should be sized to fit the kitchen space

It can be said that arranging furniture when moving to a new home is one of the important issues that you need to pay attention to. Not only arrange them beautifully, in accordance with the space of the house that the arrangement also needs to feng shui to bring the best for the family in their own.

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