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Guiding To Choose A Suitable Apartment By Age

Guide to choosing an age-appropriate apartment

Currently, the trend of buying apartments on a rising, accompanied by the need to learn about Feng Shui apartment by age.

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An apartment in the direction appropriate to the owner’s age will do better, promote their own capacity. Therefore, before choosing to buy apartments, you have to see whether the feng shui or not.

Choose to buy apartments by Rat

The north is very important for the aged, and this direction is very important to them. If the north is polluted (with toilets, wet water tanks every day), it will badly affect the old age.

Remedy: It is a good idea to place a few pots in this direction to clean and create fresh air.

In addition, the southeast and southwest directions also have a great influence on them. Therefore, it is important to keep hygiene in 3 directions: North, Southeast, South West, so that can increase the sport.

Guide to choosing an age-appropriate apartment
Old people should pay attention to the north

Choose to buy apartments by Ox

Spiritual orientation in the Northeast for the people of the Ox is very important. If this direction has a toilet, bathroom, or water source, it will create adverse effects for them. In the event of force majeure, measures should be taken to minimize this damage.

Remedy: Measures should be taken to accelerate stagnant air in the toilet out. Keep the space in this direction always clean, airy.

In addition to the northeast, the owner of the Ox also needs to pay attention to keep the West and East clean, their gas is good.

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Choose to buy an apartment by the tiger

Like the Ox people, the northeast is also the most important direction for the tiger. This is the direction of the demon, so when dealing with this direction should be especially careful.

Remedy: Care must be taken to keep clean, to make the air in the demon pure enough. Please note that there is no kitchen or bathroom set here. Otherwise, it will create disturbance in life, bringing negative effects.

West and southwest are also closely related to those born in the Year of the Tiger, so attention should also be paid to the hygiene of these directions.

Guide to choosing an age-appropriate apartment
For the tiger age, the northeast direction is important to note

Choose to buy apartments under the Cat

For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, the Orient is important to them. If this direction is not clean, wet, even dents, it will have a negative impact on their athletics.

How to fix: To ensure the balance of this direction, it is necessary to keep the functional space here is always clean, airy.

Some other directions, such as the southwest and northwest, are also important to those of the Cat. When there are some unfavorable elements in the East, these two directions will be complementary to the East.

The direction most influential for the owner of the Dragon is southeast. If this direction is handled well will bring good luck to the owner, as well. Otherwise, things are not good.

How to fix: Absolutely not let the space in this direction is polluted. Besides, the Southwest and North are two important directions, which have a certain influence on them.

Guide to choosing an age-appropriate apartment
Old people should note the south-east orientation

Like those who were born in the year of the Dragon, with people born in the US, the southeast direction is also important. In this direction absolutely no toilet, bathroom or water source will be built, otherwise the homeownership will be reduced, more serious can cause major disasters for them.

Remedy: In case of force majeure, you need to keep the air here always pure, dry. If it is a source of water, it should be kept clean.

The west and northeast are also two important directions, which can be used to complement in the case of southeast direction where there are irreparable points.

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