Guiding To Decorate The House To Welcome Tet Holiday By Feng Shui

Besides preparing food and drink on New Year, home decoration is also an integral part. Just a few simple home decorating activities will help your home space fill the atmosphere of Tet, to welcome a new year of prosperity, prosperity, abundant blessings.

Vietnamese people always think, when the new year to everything in the family must be new, full the whole year to be well, good. In it, the decoration of the home is very important, no matter how busy work cannot ignore this stage.

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Cleaning house

House hygiene is also an important part of home decor. This means to get rid of the old ones, bring good luck to the family in the new year. Make sure you clean your house, rearrange the furniture in the house for a short while, and adjust it. Specific things such as: cleaning the salon, set up tables, chairs, select new cups, neatly arrange the rack, cups, bowls, clean kitchen utensils and cook utensils, buy new bed linen.

Paint or wallpapers for the new year

decorate the house to welcome Tet in accordance with Feng Shui

Wall paint by theme, personality or color feng shui

Show your love for your home by putting on new clothes that are simple with paint jars. Paint your favorite color, matching the house to the old wall or gate. These simple home decorations will also make your home look new and brighter than many times.

New years should change the color of the wall paint by theme, personality or color match the host network. Wallpaper should choose a main wall in the house to decorate wallpaper suitably, prefer warm colors, the house will be filled with spring air.

Create striking accents

The traditional Tet decoration in Vietnamese house is a very close, cozy, bold Vietnamese style that is displayed from outside the gate, courtyard, to the living room and kitchen.

Play the sentence in Tet is the traditional culture of the Vietnamese. The red sentence is hung or solemnly placed at the gate of the house with the meaning of New Year, donated to relatives, looking forward to New Year.

Guiding to decorate the house to welcome Tet holiday by feng shui

Play the sentence in Tet is the traditional culture of the Vietnamese

The unusual place to decorate the house many are just small flower bouquets hanging in the corner, stairs, flower vases, roses, .. colorful table, living room or photo frames. capture a lovely family moment or a self-designed flashlight system.

Decorate the living room

In the layout of the house, the living room is important because it is a place of concentration. This is also the most interesting space in the New Year holidays, family reunion.

Please note that the chair should not be placed in the direction of the main door, but the position of the person sitting to the door to the home to feel welcome. The person sitting in this position is not shocked when someone suddenly entered the house.

The living room must create an atmosphere of intimacy, harmony and unity. The circle in Feng Shui symbolizes harmony and unification, so when decorated with circular shapes it will help to promote peace. If the furniture is not “rounded”, try to soften the sharp corners by spreading towels or placing pots around the plant.

Guiding to decorate the house to welcome Tet holiday by feng shui

The layout of the living room with east-facing room is ideal

Choose bright and colorful tables and chairs, and bring a sense of life to the new year. In addition, the seat should have back seat or soft seat because these chairs provide protection and support for the seat. Avoid table furniture too close together so that air flow can be easily circulated.

The layout of the living room with an east-facing room is ideal. Large, heavy housewares are located in the south, with the west being the most reasonable.

The reception desk is where the homeowners get together with the guests to the New Year. On the table, guests cannot be missing jam – candy New Year, tea set, room lucky … Next are the wall and corner decorations Tet should be added daisy, lavender or a corner of the countryside ” familiarity. In order to increase the air, the bonsai should be placed to support the design of the house, especially during Tet.

Decorating bedrooms

After living room, bedroom decoration is also very important. The feng shui thing you need to do is increase the warm feeling of a room on New Year’s Day, to bring energy and balance to life.

Guiding to decorate the house to welcome Tet holiday by feng shui

Orange is the most sensible because it feels light, relaxed

Therefore, you should choose hot colors such as dark gold, orange, red for bedroom decoration. But according to the prosperity, orange is the most reasonable because it brings the feeling of gentle, relaxed and close to all members of the family.

Decorating Kitchen

To make the house more luxurious on New Year’s Day we can replace new dishes, new tablecloths, and decorate some fresh vases for a more lively and vibrant kitchen.

Guiding to decorate the house to welcome Tet holiday by feng shui

Choose bright ornaments such as red, pink, yellow, blue, orange.

Choose bright ornaments such as red, pink, yellow, blue, orange. In addition, you can paint the kitchen in white for the kitchen as it is a favorite color for professionals and housewives, it is delicate, luxurious, clean and easy to decorate. But to avoid feeling boring, we can mix the white color of the kitchen with the warm colors of the wood floor, or the fresh color of the fruit, which will make the cooking corner become more vivid.

Placement of the altar bowl

An altar is a place where spirituality and feng shui should be carefully scrutinized. Fresh flowers and five fruits are elaborately presented for the New Year’s Eve ceremony. In addition, on the altar can be added gold leaf jade leaves represent wealth.

The Bat Quai Law expresses the hierarchy, expressing the word, before it, the reason in the mind of the East Asian people because in Bat Quai, Yen Duong grows from the Pole to Tai Chi to Mesopotamia to Tu Quai to Bat Quai and gave birth to 64 quarters, 384 trenches.

Ancestral altars arranged in Bat Quai will have large lights in the middle (today many houses are replaced by electricity) is Tai Chi (light), two small lights (or two candles) Nghi, watermelon, Five fruits tray and two pots divided into Tu Tuong, bowl in the middle is Bat Quai.

Fruit tray

Five fruits tray originated from the Ngu Hanh philosophy. People look for the five most delicious fruits, the quintessence of the four directions to give offerings to ancestors to seek good news.

Guiding to decorate the house to welcome Tet holiday by feng shui

The mangosteens, persimmon, pear, grape, should only be broken.

On the tray of fruits should be many colors (green, red, yellow). Negative colors (white, black, gray, brown) are not dominant. The mangosteens, persimmon, pear, grape, should only be broken.

The tray of five-day fruit also varies according to regional culture. Tray of fruits of the North and Central always have banana like the hand as well as the Buddha’s hand supporting all other above. Blue banana is also a positive color. Besides, an indispensable fruit is a grapefruit. Bananas and grapefruits symbolize proliferation. For devotees, it is possible to replace grapefruit with a Buddha.

The tray of the fruit of the South is often a way to read the name of the fruit such as: (bridge) (medium) mango (coconut) enough (papaya) no (grape), or Bridge just enough (sung). Southerners do not like fruits such as bananas (by saying deviation).

Flowers and bonsai

When planting flowers on the New Year (although the living room on the altar) in accordance with Feng Shui should plug a variety of flowers and flowers in many colors. Flower vase on Tet holiday should be limited to white because of the negative color of white. It should be enhanced with positive colors such as green, yellow, red. Most people usually plant flowers in three levels, medium and high, to demonstrate the triple. Cotton, cotton as a balance of yin and yang.

Aricot blossom and peach blossom are the indispensable families in the family on Tet, so let’s decorate your family with those lucky bags, cute pictures. It is an important part of bringing Tet atmosphere and a way of decorating your home.

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