Guiding To How To Against the Host Seasons For Your House In The West

The west-facing apartment has the disadvantage of being exposed to intense sunlight, especially in the summer, so the way to protect the west-facing apartment is a lot of people are interested. The article Vietnam Real Estate provided below will offer a solution to this problem.

Why are apartments in the West hot but many people still choose?

West-facing apartments are often more unfavorable than other apartments, but why are many customers still choosing west-facing apartments. There are many objective reasons, including elements of feng shui housing, specifically West blot bearers should be oriented only in the west, northwest, southwest or northeast except the northeast The other directions are related to the west. For those who put feng shui criteria on the top of the course cannot have another choice.

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In addition to feng shui, there are still other reasons that western apartments are often offered for sale at cheaper rates than other apartments; Or the project has many advantages but the choice of other options forced buyers to take the West apartment. See also: House with balcony west, what flowers should grow?

How to resist the hot west

Western-style apartments often suffer from intense sunlight

Heat-resistant method for west-facing apartment

Method 1: If you have the consent of the building management, you can build two walls (walls generally have a thickness of 330 mm with two layers of 110 holes to be built parallel to each other in the middle of a wall. About 10cm). The air in the wall provides good thermal insulation – when the outer wall is heated, the inside wall is cooled down) or if you can, you can pour all of the western walls into concrete walls. About 25 ~ 30cm thick, ensuring that heat will not penetrate this thick concrete.

Method 2: Making a double layer wooden door (mold 360) (in glass – lightning). The window should be restricted to using glass aluminum doors (because aluminum and glass radiate high heat radiation). If you have to use, you should refer to the type of insulating glass. Handle the wall and door of the house, you will have the cool house and use air conditioning more expensive.

Method 3: Minimize the amount of heat transmitted through the walls by painting the outside of the house with white foam using American technology.

Method 4: Main entrance wall section indented in 1-2m, to take advantage of the upper part combined with sunbathing balcony for the ground floor, the indented area utilizing water layout and tree planting. Adding to the façade above a steel or wood truss system and planting vines, the front wall if the building is expensive too expensive, can be insulated using the type of wooden wall plywood combination or steel Directly to the inside of the facade walls (very well insulated air), gypsum plastering or decorative paper for plywood, roof tiles embedded in tiles (imitation tile).

Method 5: Improving the interior of the western walls with insulating materials (heat resistant paint, PU foam, insulating wood, etc.). Materials are easy to handle without fear of affecting the general texture.

Method 6: Increasing the area shaded by trees by various methods such as flower arrangement, climbing the wall, planting large trees to broaden the sunny direction to shield the sunlight from the house.

Depending on the particular characteristics of the building and depending on the current state of the structure, the structure (for renovation works) has its own key solutions, for example, if the status of beautiful architecture, the structure is difficult to impact. We should only use less architectural methods such as brighter paint and use heat-resistant paints plus interior renovation of western walls such as PU foam, tiles Wood for insulation …

As for the works that the existing architectural status plus the permitting structure, we can have more powerful solutions. When building and repairing the apartment should have the permission of the management of the apartment building and consult with the architect consultant to have the appropriate and proper solution for your apartment.

How to resist the hot west

Growing flowers at the balcony is one of the effective anti-heat methods

Currently, there are many types of effective heat insulation materials, the price is reasonable, such as:

  1. Heat-resistant insulation, in paint containing glass hollow bridges, thus preventing heat transfer.
  2. PU foam sheets for lining or wall coverings have good insulation sound insulation.
  3. American lightweight foam technology, low density 0.35-0.9 (350-900kg / Cubic Metre, lightweight and floating in water). The XM mortar structure – which encloses bubbling, durable, tiny and unobstructed air bubbles, makes the lightweight, heatproof, durable and waterproof concrete. This type of concrete used to build walls or roofs is very good and effective against heat.
  4. Insulated glass wool is made from synthetic fiberglass made from stone, slag, clay … They have high thermal insulation, sound insulation, high fire resistance, softness, and elasticity…
  5. UPVC resins are now also used as materials to minimize external heat radiation. With the outstanding sound insulation, this material is used instead of windows, doors, wood panels, aluminum in areas directly under the light in the house. Price of this material is currently ranging from VND 1.2 million to VND 2 billion/ sqm.
  6. Ap airbag: The outer surface is an aluminum film coated on polyethylene plastic sheet containing airbags, followed by a film of aluminum foil. Preventing 95-97% of external radiation heat and heat absorption in summer and heat escapes in winter.

There are also many other types of insulation, you can refer to more at the store selling building materials or consultant architect.

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