Ha Dong International Hospital will be transformed into AEON Mall

Approved for investment since 2008, nearly 10 years, Ha Dong International Hospital of BIM Group is still bare land because of not complete clearance.

Nearly 10 years of unfinished premises

Located near Duong Noi urban area, 16.7 ha area, Ha Dong International Hospital is the project by the investment development company Ha Long (BIM Group) as an investor.

BIM Group has not been able to launch the Ha Dong International Hospital

BIM Group has not been able to launch the Ha Dong International Hospital

The project was issued by the People’s Committee of Ha Tay province in the document No. 1655 / UBND / VX dated July 10, 2007 approving the policy and issuing investment certificate No. 03121000253 dated June 6, 2008.

On April 25, 2008, the People’s Committee of Ha Tay province issued Decision No. 1056 / QD-UBND detailing the 1/500 scale. By July of the same year, the provincial People’s Committee continued to issue Decision 2398 / QD-UBND approving the master plan for compensation and ground clearance.

After Ha Tay merged into Hanoi, in August 2009, the People’s Committee of Hanoi issued Decision No. 4196 / QD-UBND on the recall of 16.7 hectares of land in Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district assigned to BIM Group to implement the project.

More than a year later, BIM Group was handed over land clearance by the compensation, assistance and resettlement committee of Ha Dong district with a total area of ​​over 15.8 hectares. The remainder, approximately 4,000 m2 of 11 households, as of March 2016 has not been released.

Up to April 2017, the project still has 7 households (6 households in Hoang Van Thu residential quarters, 1 household in Kien Quyet district) have not received compensation with the area of ​​several thousand sqm.

The Ha Dong International Hospital project of BIM Group

The Ha Dong International Hospital project of BIM Group

According to the complaints of households, the compensation is not the correct principle is the main reason why they do not accept the handover of land for the project.

Specifically, the letter of Ms. Duong Thi Khue (received authorization from his father Duong Van Ha) complained about the enforcement decision 1638 March 20/2017 of Ha Dong People’s Committee said that the family has 1,389 sqm of agricultural land (assigned by Decree 64 of the Government) includes 4 land parcels.

In early 2010, three quarters of this land was revoked by the People’s Committee of Ha Dong District to serve other projects. However, the District People’s Committee did not issue a decision approving detailed compensation and resettlement plan for each household and did not send details to Mr. Ha’s family, which was not implemented in accordance with Article 56 , 57 Decree 84/2007 / ND-CP (led by the Government Inspectorate’s conclusion 1078 / KL-TTCP dated May 4, 2012).

Particularly for the last land plot (360m2 wide), it was decided to withdraw in June 2010 to implement the project of Ha Dong International Hospital, the district People’s Committee approved the plan attached detailed plan (Decision 7161 / QĐ- People’s Committee on September 9, 2010). However, Khue said that this plan is not in accordance with the regulations.

Khue said that the government based on Decree 84, Decree 197 and Decision 18/2008 / QD-UBND dated 29 September 2008 of the People’s Committee of Hanoi to recover land but not to comply with the order in the above text.

According to Article 40, Decision 18, when the State recovers more than 30% of the agricultural land allocated to it, the user in addition to receiving the money transferred occupation (30 thousand m2) residential land, or apartment building, or cash compensation. However, the detailed plan only includes the transfer of the occupation without the remaining support.

Because of this allowance, only one parcel of land, 360 m2 of land is the last one and only one of the four plots has detailed plans, so Khuyen resolved to request compensation for new land.

This is also the general situation of the households have not received compensation for land at Ha Dong International Hospital today.

As noted by VietnamFinance, morning 7/4, authorities of Duong Noi ward has enforced for 7 households have not hand over land (serving Ha Dong International Hospital project). However, people have said they have not received compensation money and continue to petition for related benefits.

Grandparents will help BIM Group escape the quagmire?

While BIM Group is still “dive” in the clearance of land in March, information giant AEON Mall Vietnam will build a commercial center in Ha Dong district has quickly spread throughout the market.

The land of 9.5 hectares of AEON Mall Vietnam is located on the same land of Ha Dong International Hospital project of BIM Group.

This project will be started by AEON Mall in 2017 and is expected to open in late 2019. With a 200,000 sqm floor area, AEON Mall Ha Dong will become one of the largest commercial centers in Vietnam.

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