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Ha Noi: Do Not Sell The House If The Apartment Violates Fire Prevention

Ha Noi Apartment

Office of Hanoi People’s Committee has just issued Announcement No. 152 / TB-VP to convey the conclusions of the Standing Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee Nguyen Van Suu at the meeting on fire prevention for condominiums violating regulations on fire prevention and fighting in the field of construction investment in the city.

Accordingly, the City Fire Prevention and Fighting Police continue to coordinate the departments, functional departments of the city, people’s com of districts, town’s inspection, urge the implementation of fire prevention and fighting requirements, commitments of investors to organize the pre-acceptance test of works put into operation according to regulations.

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Along with that, chairing and coordinating with functional departments, People’s Committees of districts, towns and related units to inspect the remedy of violations in fire prevention and fighting (15 days / 1 time), make records; specify the fulfillment of commitments made by the investor; Notice of suspension, suspension when necessary. After the sanction is completed, if investors fail to remedy or propose local administrations to organize the coercive …

Select and recommend from 2 to 3 typical violation works, report to the City People’s Committee to instruct relevant departments and units to coordinate inspection and handling points according to the law …

Ha Noi Apartment
Fire incident due to being controlled

City fire protection and firefighting should continue to propagate to the public to know about the works violate the regulations fire; advised people not to buy a house in the works are not sure fire prevention; recommend the competent authorities should take measures not allow the investor to sell houses in the works violate fire prevention.

Mr. Nguyen Van Suu requested the Department of Construction to continue to implement properly and full regulations and responsibilities in the management of construction investment; direct, guide professional bodies, People’s Committees of districts, townships strictly abide by the licensing and acceptance of projects, construction works in accordance with regulations; Not granting construction permits when the fire prevention and fighting police officers have not yet been granted fire prevention and fighting design certificates; not accepting and issuing documents permitting the works to be put into operation without the written acceptance on fire prevention.

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The Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment coordinates with the City Fire Fighting and Firefighting Police to effectively implement the licensing and approval of the project. Department of Planning and Architecture, Department of Natural Resources and Environment from 1/7/2017 not introduce location of land allocation, rent land for units that are investors 79 buildings of high-rise apartment buildings violating regulations on fire prevention in construction investment has not been repairing.

Ha Noi Apartment
Not tested yet, resulting in fire

The Standing Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee also asked the City Department of Transport to chair and coordinate with the City Fire Fighting Police, the Department of Construction, People’s Committees of districts, townships inspected internal traffic for fire prevention and fighting on all construction works in the city.

In addition, the Department of Justice should develop procedures and procedures to ensure the legal elements and other relevant conditions to organize the handling and enforcement of cases of deliberate lengthy violations of fire prevention and fighting.

In addition, the Department of Information and Communication, the city’s media agencies to enhance the propaganda and dissemination of knowledge and law on fire prevention and fighting; continuing to warn about the existence and violation of each project, the commitment of the investor on the mass media, so that people know the same struggle, create pressure, forcing investors to implement.

Leaders of Hanoi City requested the People’s Committees of districts, towns to strictly perform the state management function on fire prevention and fighting in accordance with Article 58 of the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting. Resolutely handle and coerce the violating works in accordance with the provisions of law.

Construction, Natural Resources and Environment Departments shall comply with the current regulations and control the water sources supplied to projects and works strictly above contents.

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Ha Noi: Do Not Sell The House If The Apartment Violates Fire Prevention

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